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Monday, January 3rd, 2011

    Time Event
    Who: Emma Rosier and Alia Anderholm
    What: After the Slytherin party, Emma gets a late night visitor.
    When: One week into Trio year 6
    Where: Slytherin Dorms.
    Rating: NC-17

    Emma Rosier lay in her bed quite fitful. The semester was just beginning and she was already old temptations were beginning to make themselves known; ones she had vowed to leave behind in France. She knew that being expelled from Beauxbatons, even if few knew the reasons why, would cause her problems that could prove quite daunting. She could not afford to get into trouble at Hogwarts...

    Hence, she had vowed to lay low and to learn the lay of things before she grew more...daring. English could be prudes, even when not compared to the French, so she knew her tastes might earn her a few odd looks.

    The biggest trouble was her roommate. Emma was knew here, just like her, so they had been assigned a room together with two Slytherin girls that had always had the room themselves. To say they were not pleased, and hence less than welcoming, would be an understatement.

    Alia Anderholm was someone who distracted many. Some showed pure disdain, others curiosity, others still morbid curiosity. However, none of those truly fit Emma's source of distraction. She had watched the other girl at the party the Slytherins had thrown to celebrate the beginning of the year and the first Quidditch match. Not that Emma cared much about Quidditch but the contraband Firewhiskey and other treats drew her there.

    Ari, as she liked to be called, in her Muggle dress with matching affect, caused Emma to stare across the room where she danced. Her attraction grew stronger and harder to fight as the night went on and she moved onto more and more Firewhiskey with her punch.

    Knowing she would get herself into trouble if she did not leave, Emma retired to her dorm to find it empty. Changing into a lacey camisole, Emma climbed into bed and shut her curtains. As she fought to get to sleep, she lazed on her back. As her thoughts remained on steamy fantasies, her hand wandered down between her legs and lightly stroked the powder blue silk she found there that barely covered herself.

    Though she wished not to be covered by the blankets, Emma kept them over her just in case someone peaked in on her without her hearing. Her wand also remained close by for that same reason...

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