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Who: Adrian & Stew
What: Playing games.
When/Where: Sat. June 25 | De Luca Housing, Diagon Alley
Rating: TBD

But, with the success of his last little 'experiment' fresh on his mind, he thought he might try something else. )


Happy Birthday Rose...

OOC: The following packages are delivered to Rose Coote on the morning of her birthday, June 21st.

Bath & Shower pampering product set )

Cashmere Wrap )

Black Pearl Necklace )

Flower Arrangement )

Along with the following note... )


Who: Marcus Flint & Miles Bletchley
What: Miles is drunk. 'nuf said.
When: Saturday Night
Where: Some bar somewhere... although Marcus might just drag him to Dodging Bludgers for the fun of it.... well, it'd be fun for Marcus.
Rating: PG (Though might end up higher knowing these two... lol)
Summary: Miles is hilariously drunk and Marcus just finds it plain hilarious.

Some things never change... )


Who: Azah & Sana
Where/When: Monday night, Sana's cottage.
Rating: TBD.
Summary: Azah's gone mental, apparently.

Somehow, Azah didn't think this current idea was making her any less stupid than she'd been as she obsessed in her journal earlier. )


Who: Adrian & Stew
What: Adrian leaves Primpernelle's looking LITERALLY 10 years younger (and then some) and feels like showing off.
When/Where: Saturday night, Temptation, Diagon Alley
Rating: TBD

All in all, he'd have to say the potion, despite it's only temporary effects, was still a success. )


Who: OPEN & Miles and Ellie Bletchley
What: Miles went shopping and lost his daughter... oh crap.
When: Tuesday (June 7th) Morning
Where: make, diagon alley.
Rating: PG
Summary: Miles has gone and lost Ellie, hopefully he finds her soon before any reporters find out...

Come on, Ellie, Daddy doesn't want to play hide and seek right now )


Characters: Justin & Vicky
Setting: Their flat, Saturday morning.
Rating: GP
Summary: Well, they've been engaged for almost six months without really talking about the next steps.

He had proposed to Vicky back at Christmas and other buying her a proper ring they hadn't really spent much time talking about what came next. )


Who: Alexander and Savina Summers.
What: A pair of Caxton tenants worry about their living situation, amongst other things...
When: Wednesday evening, after Alexander returns from a work meeting.
Where: Their flat on Vertic Alley.
Summary: Unlikely to be rated high...

Alexander's concerns were more to do with the welfare of all three of their growing family, rather than one of them in particular. )


Who: Ritchie and Rose Coote
What: Parent-to-be-bonding.
When: Wednesday evening.
Where: Their house, 20 Diagon's Circle.
Summary: Unlikely to get too highly rated, will change if needed...

Ritchie had come to a decision... )


Characters: Marietta Edgecombe & Cho Davies
Setting: Sunday evening, Marietta's flat
Rating: GP
Summary: Marietta has a secret and she needs to tell Cho.

Read more... )

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