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[Nov 7th, 2019 / 6:45a]

Who: Parker and Sienna.
Where: Parker's place.
When: Backdated to after this exchange.
Summary: Just another game of cat and mouse.
Rating: IDK
Status: In progress.

I know you see me lookin' at you, and you already know. )

[Nov 7th, 2019 / 6:43a]

Who: Hollis, Zelda, Evan and Bryce.
Where: The Cliffs, of course.
When: The day after Hollis and Evan talked privately and set it up.
Summary: Their first time actually hanging out together.
Rating: IDK.
Status: In progress.

You sit there and wait, I look at you and anticipate, what we could be and what we could do. )
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[Nov 3rd, 2019 / 8:09p]

who: Dax & Savannah
what: robbing the rich or at least someone with wealthy parents.
when: now.
where: her apartment.
rating: tbd. | incomplete

She may leave the lights on most nights and sometimes even forget to lock the door, but she knew, absolutely that she hadn’t left a man in her apartment.  )
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[Nov 3rd, 2019 / 8:18p]

Who: Evan Beckett and Hollis DeWinter.
When: Early evening.
Where: The Cliffs
Summary: The two of them officially meet for the first time.
Rating: Likely not high. They're just meeting for the love of all things pure.
Status: Pending.

I'm bad at love but you can't blame me for tryin'. )
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