February 16th, 2008

[info]cheesecat in [info]akudemy

Hi Lucy Fag Hag here! a.k.a [info]superherogirl. I came to share some thoughts, and a couple of graphics to put on your userinfo. Recently I started a little project that I like to call the "My kinda man/My kinda woman..." So far I've only made a couple of banners. Yes, and Demyx is yet to be one of the candidates. :[[[ Oh how shameful, but I'll get to him soon enough! I've made an Axel one though, and I plan to share. Sorry it's not the best of anything, but it was one of the first I made.

VIII has shared the paopu fruit with me, and now our destinies will be intertwined forever and ever. Take that Akuroku fans! >:P

More HERE. I'm open for suggestions, so please let me know if there's a person or character you'd like. :D

Second thing I wanted to post about was my brain storming. Bah. I was bored and felt like rambling about my future fanfictions. Here's the link.

Also more of my Akudemy short-shorts! I don't lie when I say they're short. My debut "Something in the Teriyaki Chicken" is the only one as of yet. I might ask for prompts in a future post. I would love to write stuff for you guys. Anyways. That's all for all.

Until next time my lovelies!

February 2008

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