Feb. 16th, 2008


Hi Lucy Fag Hag here! a.k.a [info]superherogirl. I came to share some thoughts, and a couple of graphics to put on your userinfo. Recently I started a little project that I like to call the "My kinda man/My kinda woman..." So far I've only made a couple of banners. Yes, and Demyx is yet to be one of the candidates. :[[[ Oh how shameful, but I'll get to him soon enough! I've made an Axel one though, and I plan to share. Sorry it's not the best of anything, but it was one of the first I made.

VIII has shared the paopu fruit with me, and now our destinies will be intertwined forever and ever. Take that Akuroku fans! >:P

More HERE. I'm open for suggestions, so please let me know if there's a person or character you'd like. :D

Second thing I wanted to post about was my brain storming. Bah. I was bored and felt like rambling about my future fanfictions. Here's the link.

Also more of my Akudemy short-shorts! I don't lie when I say they're short. My debut "Something in the Teriyaki Chicken" is the only one as of yet. I might ask for prompts in a future post. I would love to write stuff for you guys. Anyways. That's all for all.

Until next time my lovelies!

Jan. 26th, 2008




There's much to do in terms of organizing and redecorating, but I'm sure everyone is more than aware that anyone is allowed to post.

Everything from fanfiction, to graphics, layouts, hell even intro posts are allowed. I promise to update the rules and such at a later time... Right now I'm going to go for that intro post. ;)

Lucy Fag Hag at your service )

Now, down to business.
For my smut I have [info]cheesecat on here as well. Although, it's very unorganized at the moment. Since I haven't updated the memories or tags... so here's a link to all my KH goodies on LJ. YAY FOR SMUT

And also I have a variety of graphics over at [info]faghag_graphics. So add if you're interested!♥

If you want to affiliate, you know what to do. ;) I'll edit the post if I'm missing anything. I'm not sure if I am... but... well once again WELCOME and get posting my lovelies!!!!

[ edit ] ALSO for more KH ramblings! There's my KH ramblings journal [info]khyuri. No, it's not the comm, but when I had created the username I hadn't realized that [info]kh_yuri was already created. So sorry for the confusion. :( Still though, I'm not taking the place of any khyuri comm. But since back on GJ I was the only basically posting on khyuri... I told myself... well make the best of the username! Since it was already created and all, I decided to use it for other goodies I plan to expose to the world. :]]]] Such as an updated KH cast, if KH were ever to become a film of sorts. I might make the first post later today... so stay tuned! Everything is public, so check it out as well!♥ [ / edit ]

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