Nov. 29th, 2008


ravens come...

Who: The King and Council
When: Night, day 64 
Status: Closed to anyone the King doesn't summon. 

Nov. 25th, 2008


Who: Polonius, ?
When: Day 62
Where: a garden in the Keep
Rating: PG
Status: Open to whoever

nothing is over because nothing ever ends )

Oct. 23rd, 2008


Small Council meeting

Who: The Small Council (Tyrith, Oswald, Thomas, Polonius, etc)

When: Day 55 afternoon

Where: The great hall, at the foot of the Iron Throne

Rating: PG

Status: Closed to any non-councilors


Oct. 13th, 2008


Who: Gareth, Polonius, Kyra
When: Day 53
Where: ??, Kings Landing
Rating: PG

To a man who carries darkness within him, all cells are the same. )

Oct. 9th, 2008


Dragons Fall: The Feast

When: Day 53, evening
Where: The Great Hall, The Red Keep
Who: All the nobles, others in the castle
Rating: PG or wherever the scheming takes them...

In the yards, silk tents had sprung up and casks of ale and tables laden with food had taken the place of the training grounds for the day. It was a feast to welcome the Ambassador of Lys and the Dornish newcomers to the court- but there were those who said it had other purposes. A celebration of the demise of the last princess, perhaps, or a show of Northron power....

The Great Hall rang with laughter and yet not all was well; there were somber faces as well as merry. Many noted Lord Penrose was not yet present and whispers drifted over the courses of goose and venison that he had resigned his post as Hand.

The evening held some warmth though the winter's chill was creeping closer. But the king had summoned his court and a feast was set before them all. Dancers from the Summer Isles spun in gowns of bright silk, acrobats leapt and tumbled, fools capered and juggled and singers told tales of ancient days. No breath of winter ever touched the land of song...

let the feast begin.

Sep. 30th, 2008


Who: Polonius, ?
When: Day 50
Where: Red Keep, the hall outside the Great Hall
Status: Open to anyone who might like a word with the Master of Whispers
Rating: PG 


Who: Elia, Polonius
When: Day 48 evening
Where: ??, Kings Landing
Rating: PG-13
Status: Closed 

Sep. 26th, 2008


Who: Polonius
When: Day 48, afternoon
Where: Red Keep, some hallway
Status: Open
Rating: PG 

A statue of Danaerys Targaryen dominated the hallway but Polonius paid it no mind. His eyes were set ahead, his expression one of contemplation. It had not been an easy morning and the next days would be no better. He did not entirely know what the days ahead or even the end of this day might bring but he could guess and it was not a pleasant outlook. 

Elia Martell they had already. Soon the rest must follow, and to whatever ends. His men had already searched the chambers of the Princess of Dorne and her maids questioned. Next must come the household. After that, the next names would be taken and the chain followed until it led to answers of one sort or another... His jaw tightened.

Sep. 24th, 2008


Episode: Dragons Fall: Consequences

Who: Polonius, Penrose, Elia
When: Day 48, AM
Where: Red Keep, Elia's chambers and moving from there.
Status: Closed.
Rating: PG13

Sep. 23rd, 2008


Who: Polonius, William, The Council
When: Day 47 AM
Where: Red Keep.
Rating: PG-13
Status: Open only to King and Council

Sep. 18th, 2008


What story shall we tell them?

Who: Polonius Haine, open
When: Day 39
Where: His chambers
Rating: PG-13
Status: Open to any who might seek out the Master of Whispers

echoes in the marble hall )

Sep. 12th, 2008


Council Meeting Time

Who: Polonius Haine, councilmembers, William Stark, whoever else might get to sit in on it. 
When: Day 29. Morning. 
Where: the council chamber
Rating: PG-13
Status: Open. 

Sep. 10th, 2008



Who: Gareth the Steward, assorted servants, attendants, and others who would be drawn by the confusion
When: Day 28. Early morning.
Where: Maidenvault. Red Keep. Kings Landing.
Rating: R. (Gore, graphic content beyond the cut)
Status: OPEN

Aug. 13th, 2008


The news from the Citadel.

Who: Polonius Haine, William Stark.
When: Day 19, evening.
Where: The King's Chamber.
Rating: PG
Status: in-progress

Aug. 4th, 2008


The Master of Whispers Would Like a Word...

Who: Polonius Haine, Kaelyn Stark, William later if he wants
When: Day 18, early evening
Where: Maegor's Holdfast, the queen's chambers
Rating: pg
Status: OPEN

Jul. 23rd, 2008


Who: Toria Lannister and anyone who happens to be out in King's Landing
When: Day 17, late morning
Where: Streets of King's Landing
Rating: PG?
Status: OPEN

As it turned out, Toria was not able to set out to offer the smallfolk House Lannister's charity for another week. It was only recently that the nobles were allowed to roam freely through King's Landing. The previous two days, Toria had just been finishing up with her moonblood and had no desire to be anywhere but her room. Today, however, she felt much better and was much more disposed toward kindness and charity.

She was accompanied by Ser Geron Marbrand, a knight in the service of the Lannister family. The fifth brother in his family, he stood very little chance of ever becoming the Marbrand heir. However, as a knight, he'd proven himself. Baskets filled with bread were attached to his horse's saddle and hers, and Toria carried a small sack of silver coins. Toria herself was wearing Lannister crimson and gold. People needed to know who their benefactors were.

Toria sought out families first and foremost. Those with young children in particular. At first, she would hand out silver. When she ran out of that, she would give loaves of bread. When she was completely out of everything, Ser Geron was there to help see her safely back to the Red Keep.

"Here's a small gift from House Lannister," she said, handing a silver coin to a mother looking over some of the untainted food that had been newly brought into King's Landing.

"Thank you, My Lady. May the Seven bless you for your generosity. Proper gods. Not those strange Old Gods the Starks observe. I swear, the plague came the same time they did..."

"My lady mother was born a Stark," replied Toria. She kept her tone even, despite this nonsense annoying her. It was one of the more ridiculous rumours she'd heard of. "Kindly avoid saying awful things about my kin."

"I meant nothing by it, My Lady. Apologies," said the woman, quickly going about her own business.

Toria walked along, holding her horse's reins. Ser Geron stayed close enough to rush to her aid if necessary, but far enough that he was more background scenery than an intimidating presence right by her side.

Jun. 27th, 2008


Day 7: Polonius and ??

Who: Polonius Haine, anyone who wants to have a word with the Master of Whispers.
When: morning of the seventh day
Where: the Council Room
Rating: PG-13
Status: Open; in progress

So much to do and so many spies to help... )

Jun. 2nd, 2008


A Note of Some Urgency

From: Polonius Haine, Master of Whispers
Open to: The King, Queen, and the royal family if they choose to share this information.

Your Majesty, 
 I have investigated the reports of an illness similar to that which has so tragically struck the Princess Gwyn and have found that the taint seems to have spread from a shipment of cloth which was brought from Braavos and delivered to Her Majesty's favored dressmaker. Several sailors of that ship have been likewise stricken, and most are dead already, those who yet live have not awakened. The dressmaker seems to have disappeared, presumed to have perished with her shop. As for the ship which has wrought this distress, it was sunk in the storm along with her captain, and of what remaining crew there might have been I can find no sign. However, there is the owner of the ship. I would request permission to seek him out and apply whatever is needed to gain answers from him.

Meanwhile, the illness begins to spread along the docks, though none have been afflicted as severely as those first felled. My prayers shall be with your daughter as we continue this inquisition. You may wish to warn your assembled guests as this fever my indeed spread.

You Most Humble Servant, 
 Polonius Haine