Jul. 21st, 2008


Who: Queen Kaelyn; Prince Brandon
When: Day 16--morning
Where: Red Keep, Kaelyn's chambers
Rating: G
Status: In Progress

The plague continued to abate and Gwyn continued to sleep and Kaelyn could only cling to one shred of hope on that front, Gwyn continued to sleep and while she slept she lived and for now that would have to be enough. Perhaps it had been the sight of William performing his duties at their daughter's bedside that had prompted her to action - she had not ignored things completely but she had found herself in doing the duties that were hers in a half formed vague almost sleep walking way. Well no more, she had reminded Genna to act a Princess and she would act a Queen, she visited Gwyn early in the morning and then forced herself away and to business. It was made easier in part by the certain knowledge that at least one hope had been dashed - it reminded her that hopes were not to be counted on and spurred her on for more future planning, when her moonblood was done she would make herself a posset of herbs and milk for fertility.

She spoke with the Royal Steward about the cost of events held so far and for the ones that were yet to come, she looked over reports of the household and frowned at the placement of guests. Who had done this? It was too late to rearrange it and she should have took an interest sooner - when they had first arrived at the Red Keep she had taken it into her head that much of it needed brought up to date - clearly House Targaryen had not cared but it was the nature of the dragons to be arrogant. No guest chambers at Winterfell would be so shabby though the castle was full much less often than this keep in the capital. No doubt it suited the Targaryen's to remind people of their place in such a manner. She's ordered tapestries then but it had all been forgotten in the rush - if such an order had ever been fulfilled.

She sent a page to enquire and it turned out that the tapestries had been - and placed in storage as no-one wanted to trouble her. She had the wool inspected but it was northern, spun on the Umber estates and the weavers were nowhere near the dressmakers that had survived the fire. Satisfied she ordered the tapestries in those rooms she had thought in need of repair replaced, (the new maids were closer to knowing the order of things now and the fact that the others had been dismissed should have had it's effects.) Kaelyn also felt better with northerners serving her, she penned notes to those whose rooms she had amended thanking them for their patience as the Red Keep was brought to order. It rankled a little to write one to the Martell girl but she did it anyway in her own neat hand. Her task was almost done when she was interrupted, the Maester escorting Bran. His white and grey tunic was slightly rumpled and he clutched a toy in one hand. Bran looked uncertain but that was naught new and then he saw her and she was rewarded with a small smile. "Heartling," she said sealing her last note, they could be given to a page in a bit, "come tell Mama about your visit to Gwyn."