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[Jul 19th, 15
11:35 pm

P-A-R-T-Y? Because I gotta! )

[Jun 30th, 15
10:17 pm

Home is where they love you best )

[Jun 22nd, 15
1:23 pm

It had not been a great week. The Enforcement job wasn't the problem, at least he hoped it wasn't. It was a lot of hours, and with very little training it was hard to keep up with how things were done. From a purely practical standpoint he was even better trained than some of his colleagues - Frank had made sure of that - but things like protocol and procedure were almost always over his head. He did his best, though, and no one had any real complaints that he could tell, and he was at least earning money now. He'd even made a couple of friends, young men around his own age or older, some who had managed to escape the Academy and the camps, but others with similar stories to his own.

No, the job was fine. He even still got to see his parents since they were around all the time. He lived with them in Ministry-funded accommodation, which if only a temporary situation was at least comfortable and somewhere to come home to at the end of the day.

The nightmares were back. They hadn't been so bad, out on the road, but as though sensing that he was now much too settled into a routine, they returned with a vengeance, so that he slept badly and was irritable in the mornings and tired in the afternoons, and yet it was an effort to go to bed at the end of the day, knowing that the whole cycle would simply begin again. Later he wondered if on some level he had known what was about to happen. It would be just the sort of twisted thing that always seemed to happen to him.

He came back from a job feeling tired, dirty and sweaty, but satisfied. Petty crime was now more of an issue for the New Ministry than anything more sinister, but occasionally they got a real win. This time there had been a tip off about a group of former Ruling Class hiding out in Wales. He hadn't got to personally arrest anyone, but breaking in and guarding all the exits had had its own special brand of satisfaction. He high-fived and punched shoulders with his colleagues as they tramped mud into the common room.

"Hey did you guys hear?" one of the more experienced officials who had helped to bring in the prisoners waved as she headed for the exit. "They caught the guy who was head of MLE!"

Neville's hand fell in mid-high-five, and a chill went up his back. "What?"

"Crouch, the MLE guy. Been in hiding for nearly three years?"

"I thought he was dead," someone laughed.

"Guess not. He's - hey!" the girl had to dodge out of Neville's way as he charged past.

He headed for the area where arrests were processed, but luckily there was security on all the doors, and they grabbed him as he tried to burst through. Still, as they held his arms and tried to hold him back, he got a glimpse of the man being paraded down the line, and he saw red. "Crouch!" he yelled, fighting and kicking to get to him. He was going to kill him, he was going to rip him apart with his bare hands. "Come back here and face me you bastard!"

Crouch's gaze flickered over to him, and he smiled. Neville felt a chill like someone had doused him in ice water, and he went still, glaring. The guards dragged him out of the room and sat him on a bench until someone came to yell at him. He didn't hear any of it. His head was too full. His hands were red hot. It took all his willpower and whatever mental capacity he had left to keep from exploding.

Eventually someone must have realised they weren't getting through. They left him alone for a minute, and then his father came, and took him home. Neville didn't listen to anything he said, either, or his mother when she tried. They wouldn't let him go to his room, but made him sit in the living room where they could keep an eye on him. All he could do was rock back and forth, his hands in tight fights around his knees. Vaguely in the background he could hear low voices, and the sound of the Floo in the kitchen, but it was all just noise. He was trapped, trapped inside his own head, and he had no idea how to get out.

[May 28th, 15
8:39 pm

Normal is the watchword )

[Oct 31st, 13
2:30 pm

Who: Bill & Fleur (wuuuuut?)
Where: Their room at Grimmauld Place / the evac centre
When: A couple weeks after the evacuation

Bill was a light sleeper - so were most who had ever attended the Academy in a servant capacity. Truly deep sleep had once been dangerous. But these days it was useful in other ways.

He woke to a low snuffling sound and got up, slowly and carefully. He and Fleur had one of the smaller rooms, while most of the evacuees bunked down together, some of the larger suites holding ten or fifteen at a time. But theirs was big enough for a little side room, probably an old powder room, where Fabien now slept in an ancient crib that had probably held hundreds of little infant Blacks.

"Shhh..." he soothed, picking up his son and rocking him gently back to sleep, glancing as he did so towards the gap in the curtains where the faintest beam of light was coming through. It was almost morning.

He lay Fabien back in the crib and stretched before crawling back into bed. It was too comfortable to get up properly yet. Fleur stirred as he curled one broad arm around her. "S'all right," he mumbled, lightly kissing her cheek. "Go back to sleep."

[Oct 31st, 11
11:29 pm

Halloween: Harry goes home )

Reunion [Oct 23rd, 11
11:54 am

Who: Neville & Ginny
When: 4 months or so after the evac
What: It finally happens...

They had both promised never to leave each other. But after all, it wasn't as if anyone was taking her away, he reasoned. They would see each other again. )

Daily Prophet: Breaking News [Oct 23rd, 11
8:40 am

The Wizarding Community of Great Britain will once again have a school to which they can be proud to send their children.

What remained of the building called the Slytherin Academy, formerly Hogwarts, after a fire that broke out during the evacuation last summer, has been destroyed. On its site, the manor house of the Ancient and Most Noble House of Black, previously located at Number 12 Grimmauld Pl, London, has been magically transported. A refuse for those without homes during the events of July, the house is being expanded and built upon to create a school and sanctuary for students of magic.

The new building will have two floors dedicated to a classroom environment. Teachers have not officially been appointed, but volunteers are already at work and anyone who recieved their education during the days of Hogwarts is encouraged to join them. Subjects include the traditional such as Charms, Transfiguration and Defence Against the Dark Arts, as well as practical magic such as cooking and healing. As of yet there are no set timetables, but the organisers feel that getting a start on magical education for those who have none, particularly those who are already past school age, is more important than spending months developing a curricular structure.

The remaining floors, which seem to increase with each passing day, are being dedicated to student and teacher accomodation for those who wish to stay. Boarding is not compulsory, but many students have little or no home to return to. Instead of dormitories, organisers hope to allow each student their own small room, providing a sense of much-needed security to those forced to live in terror over the past twenty years. Magical elevators are also being installed.

We hope that this school will help to improve the stability of our society, supported by the recent changes in the Ministry of Magic and the support of our allies in France, Germany, Poland and the Netherlands.

The campaign for the election of the new Minister for Magic continues.

[Oct 1st, 11
10:43 am

Who: Neville & Vera
Where: Grimmauld
When: Now
What: Vera being quiet and emo.

No amount of vintage dresses gives you dignity )

RP: Open Thread [Aug 31st, 11
11:30 pm

Who: Ron and open
Where: Grimmauld Place
What: Socializing?

Who'd have thought freedom could be more dull than slavery? )

RP: Terrorizing Muggles [Aug 30th, 11
11:16 pm

Who: Afton, Jason, Blaise if he likes?
Where: A muggle town
When: Current
What: Terrorizing the Muggle town. Afton is tired of living in the forest.

there is unrest in the forest )

[Aug 18th, 11
9:25 pm

Who: Lily, Penny, Andromeda (?)
Where: Andromeda's house
When: backdated to a few days after the battle
What: Most unofficial adoption ceremony ever

So what, if you got a baby? )

The Most Powerful Thing in the World [Aug 9th, 11
6:27 pm

Who: Neville & Frank (NPC)
Where: GP
What: Magic training
When: Before and during Ginny's walk with Harry
Notes: Yeah, I suck at writing Frank. I can't help it. But I've been thinking a lot about Neville's magic and how it works, and blah blah blah. So this is my attempt to explain some of it.

its love, dumbass )

[Aug 4th, 11
11:09 pm

WHO: Harry Potter and Ginny Weasley (Maybe Neville too...)
WHAT: Keeping each other company
WHERE: Around Grimmauld Place
WHEN: Friday Afternoon
WHY: Because everyone needs a break from the safehouse sometime.
STATUS: Complete!

Another time, another place, our temperatures would climb, there'd be a warm embrace )

[Jul 26th, 11
9:50 pm

WHO: Ginny and Molly Weasley
WHAT: Awkward times
WHERE: The kitchen. Awkward talks should always take place in the kitchen.
WHEN: Backdated to closer to This
WHY: Because everyone needs to have that awkward talk with their mum at some point and Ginny's been putting her's off for about five years now.
STATUS: Incomplete

When a man and a woman love each other veeeerrry much... )

[Jul 24th, 11
1:09 pm

Who: Neville & Open
Where: Grimmauld Place Sitting Room

booored )

[Jul 11th, 11
11:02 am

Who: Neville, Ginny, Alice (NPC)
When: A few days after the Academy Evacuation
Where: A safehouse (I assume Grimmauld Place due to the presence of Weasleys)

Open To: Well, I suppose a LOT of people would be having breakfast at Grimmauld Place, so to make it simple lets make it Longbottoms and Weasleys (absentees to be NPC'd by whoever wants)

Sorry seems to be the hardest word )

[Jul 9th, 11
10:17 pm

Who: Lucius and Open
Where: A corridor
What: Battleness
Rating: TBD
Status: Incomplete

Read more... )

[Jul 7th, 11
11:03 pm

Who: Terry and Tsura
Where: Academy--starting near Tsura's room
When: During the fighting
What: Trying to escape
Warnings: PG-13? Maybe?

Terry had been out in the greenhouses when he spotted a literal army appearing and entering the Academy. He didn't know what to think, exactly. He couldn't think why so many people were coming except to fight the professors and students--and to free the servants. This was the chance that he and Tsura had been waiting for.

He charged out of the greenhouse and through the small door and into the school. He had to find Tsura. He ran toward the classroom where he knew she'd be, but suddenly stopped. He didn't know what was happening, but the students might be more defensive and more dangerous than they were normally. The only people coming his way were frightened servants and a few of the younger students. Older students seemed to be heading the opposite direction without looking behind them.

Terry reached the classrom and peeked in. It was empty. Not knowing what else to do, Terry darted up the nearest flight of steps, heading for Tsura's room.

Peekabo! [Jul 5th, 11
1:53 pm

Who: Bill, Fleur, Fabien (and probably Gabrielle (NPC))
What: Escaping from the Academy

Honey I'm home )

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