March 2008



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17th Mar, 2008


Peter & the Starcatchers

Title: Peter & the Starcatchers
Author: Ridley Pearson & Dave Barry
Series: Yes. This is the first book.

Description: Pearson & Barry do a wonderful telling of how Peter Pan (and the other characters) got to be who they are. Where Tinkerbell came from. How Captain Hook got his name. The Starcatchers are a special group of people responsible for gathering a magical substance called stardust, before people who would use it for evil purposes can get hold of it.

Why suggested: You could almost consider this professional fan fiction! It's lively, action-adventure story, full of realism and magic wrapped into one great story.


Storm Front

Title: Storm Front
Author: Jim Butcher
Series: Yes. This is book 1 of the Dresden Files.

Description: Harry Dresden is a PI in Chicago, helping the police solve crimes of the more supernatural variety. He can't always tell Murphy, the cop he helps out, what's going on behind the scenes -- something which aggravates her to no end. If you've seen the show on Sci-Fi or DVD, there are some similarities, but the books are far more interesting and far more intense. Yes, he's a wizard, yes, he's named Harry, but no, he's nothing like the boy wizard of Hogwarts. Dresden is a fully adult wizard and the spells, charms, and potions he works with are not of the HP variety.

Intriguing books -- very hard to put down. Some scenes are a bit mature and probably not appropriate for younger readers. Action packed and fun, definitely a series to try.

Why suggested: Wizardry, magic, fighting evil.... but with characters that are far more developed as a whole instead of just a handful of characters. Excellent plot continuity and believability. Adult readers in particular may find this series more compelling than HP.