March 2008



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17th Mar, 2008


Peter & the Starcatchers

Title: Peter & the Starcatchers
Author: Ridley Pearson & Dave Barry
Series: Yes. This is the first book.

Description: Pearson & Barry do a wonderful telling of how Peter Pan (and the other characters) got to be who they are. Where Tinkerbell came from. How Captain Hook got his name. The Starcatchers are a special group of people responsible for gathering a magical substance called stardust, before people who would use it for evil purposes can get hold of it.

Why suggested: You could almost consider this professional fan fiction! It's lively, action-adventure story, full of realism and magic wrapped into one great story.


Storm Front

Title: Storm Front
Author: Jim Butcher
Series: Yes. This is book 1 of the Dresden Files.

Description: Harry Dresden is a PI in Chicago, helping the police solve crimes of the more supernatural variety. He can't always tell Murphy, the cop he helps out, what's going on behind the scenes -- something which aggravates her to no end. If you've seen the show on Sci-Fi or DVD, there are some similarities, but the books are far more interesting and far more intense. Yes, he's a wizard, yes, he's named Harry, but no, he's nothing like the boy wizard of Hogwarts. Dresden is a fully adult wizard and the spells, charms, and potions he works with are not of the HP variety.

Intriguing books -- very hard to put down. Some scenes are a bit mature and probably not appropriate for younger readers. Action packed and fun, definitely a series to try.

Why suggested: Wizardry, magic, fighting evil.... but with characters that are far more developed as a whole instead of just a handful of characters. Excellent plot continuity and believability. Adult readers in particular may find this series more compelling than HP.



Welcome to the "After Potter" community!

This group is to help fans of HP find books that other fans have found enjoyable. From attending several HP events, writing/reading fan fiction, and being a member of several HP groups, I have noticed that many fans of the HP books share similar interests.

I have seen more posts than I can count on various websites by people wondering what sort of books would appeal to them now that the HP books are finished. I created this community to help you in your quest for finding a good book to read.

Please review the brief community guidelines (user profile) before posting.

Thank you!