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August 2007
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Stephie [userpic]
Testing and other things

Greetings AFOers and welcome to the official-unofficial InsaneJournal asylum for the convention Anime Festival Orlando. As AFO8 has come and gone and many still see 9 as a far off thing what better way to keep all those who met or will meet at AFO a chance to chat and get together outside of the con. Speaking as an out of stater (Your mod lives in Colorado) I don't have as easy of a time staying in contact and keeping up to date on happenings at AFO unless my friend in Florida who invited me to AFO8 tells me about. Thus this place was created so those out of state and even those in state can stay in touch with con friends they made but don't see any other time of the year.

As one can see this asylum is a bit bare and not all that pretty to look at layout wise and icon wise. So any artists/layout makers/iconers who would like to donate and help in making this place a bit easier on the eyes for all I would greatly appreciate it.

Also as I am used to more West area conventions and such I noted, or failed very badly on finding it, that there is no actual forum for AFO that is part of the official website. For those who may not know what I am talking about you can See an example here for Oni-con in Houston Texas on what I am talking about. Now I would prefer to suggest and maybe help out in creating an official forum for AFO, but I have no way to contact the staff of AFO with this idea. So if anyone can help me there I'd appreciate it.

Also if you don't know how or don't want such I'm also willing to create an unofficial forum using This website to do so. It won't be as fancy as an official one as I'm not html savvy or have the money to get a forum on another hosting site that has more options and better options, but needs monthly payments.

Aside from that long modly spiel of help I hope that everyone enjoys this place and that it will help them make their con experience more enjoyable.

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