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Dec. 9th, 2010


Dec08, Black Jewels, Daemon&Lucivar, Lost and Found

Title: Lost and Found
Author: [info]ciraarana
Fandom: Black Jewels Trilogy
Rating: PG13
Word Count: 2 x 100
Pairing: Daemon, Lucivar
Disclaimer: This is a work of fanfiction. All recognisable characters and settings are the property of Anne Bishop. No copyright infringement is intended. No profit is made from this work.
A/N: [info]adventdrabbles prompt #8: pine forest. Follows the drabbles from 2009 – Jaenelle hasn't yet accepted Daemon as her Consort, and Lucivar takes care of his brother.

Lost and Found

Sorry, I accidentally added "dec07" and can't delete the tag. *cries*

Dec. 7th, 2009


Day 06, Black Jewels, Daemon/Lucivar, Hot and Spicy

Title: Hot and Spicy
Author: CiraArana
Pairing: Daemon/Lucivar, Saetan, Jaenelle
Rating: R
Word count: 2 x 100

Hot and Spicy


Dec. 4th, 2009


Day 04, Dark Jewels, Daemon/Lucivar, Caged Fire

Title: Caged Fire
Author: CiraArana
Pairing: Daemon/Lucivar
Rating: R
Word count: 3 x 100

Caged Fire


Dec. 24th, 2007


Dec 24, Vorkosigan-Black Jewels crossover, Ivan/Original Eyrien Female, Virgin Night

Title: Virgin Night
Fandoms: Vorkosigan Saga/Black Jewels
Pairing/Characters: Ivan/Original Eyrien Female
Rating/Warnings: NC-17, PWP
Disclaimer: here
Word Count: 1698
Summary: Once again, Ivan ends up volunteered for something. Set just after Brothers in Arms and at least 19 years after Queen of the Darkness (ergo OFC is at least 18).
A/N: A looooong overdue gift fic for [info]bluedolfyn, which will also be my [info]adventdrabble for the day despite being way out of drabble range. I hope you like it, Blue. Sorry it took me so long to make it work.

Virgin Night )

Dec. 14th, 2007


Dec14, Black Jewels, No pairing, Anything for Witch

Title: Anything for Witch
Fandom: Black Jewels
Pairing/Characters: Daemon Sadi, Jaenelle Angelline
Rating: G
Disclaimer: here
Prompt: #1 - Santa hat
Summary: Even when Witch was young, she had the Sadist wrapped around her finger.

Anything for Witch )

Dec. 6th, 2007


Dec06, Black Jewels, Daemon Sadi/Jaenelle Angelline, Cake and Courage

Title: Cake and Courage
Fandom: Black Jewels
Pairing/Characters: Daemon Sadi/Jaenelle Angelline
Rating/Warnings: G/PG
Word Count: 161
Disclaimer: here
Prompt: #6 – chocolate log
Summary: Jaenelle’s tried something new. Most men would run.

Cake and Courage )