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Nov. 22nd, 2007



Welcome one and all.

This community is a multi-fandom for those who want to play the drabble game or do drawbles for Advent/December. It is modelled after the live journal community of the same name created by [info]beren_writes with her permission.

Fandoms included thus far (now alphabetized, thanks to [info]bonfoi): 30 seconds to Mars, Alex Rider, Angel, Anita Blake, Arrow, Avatar, Avatar: The Last Airbender, Ballet Shoes, Batman (Nolanverse), Black Lagoon, Bleach, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Captain America, Chalion, Conviction, Criminal Minds, Doctor Who, Dracula, ER, Firefly, Gakuen Heaven, Glam RPF, Glee, Good Omens, Gravitation, Gundam Wing, Harry Potter, Highlander, Hikaru No Go, History Boys, Iron Man, Jane Austen, Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell, Jrock rps, Letocest, Lord of the Rings, Law and Order SVU, Love it or List it, NCIS, Oz, Penny Dreadful, Pirates of the Caribbean, Queer as Folk, Saiunkoku Monogatari, Saiyuki, Sanctuary, Sharing Knife, Sherlock, Silent Hill, Star Trek, Stargate Atlantis, Stargate SG-1, Supernatural, Swordspoint, Teen Wolf, Temeraire, The Avengers, The Bible, The Black Jewels 'verse, The Chronicles of Narnia, The Flash, The Hulk, The Vorkosigan saga, The Walking Dead, The West Wing, Third Watch, Thor, Torchwood, Twilight, Walking Dead, Weiss Kreuz, White Collar, Women of the Otherworld, World War Z, and X-Files.

More are always welcome!

drabble: a short story of exactly 100 words (but we won't shoot you if you want to just go with short stories either :)).
drawble: a piece of art or sketch taking between ten and twenty minutes to complete (but again, art in all forms is appreciated, no matter how long you spend on it. ;))

General Idea

Write 24 drabbles/short stories, draw 24 drawbles, or do any combination of the two, and post them one a day throughout December in the run up to Christmas. You don't have to be Christian or celebrate Christmas to play; just go with a Wintery theme if it suits you better.


01. Be nice to the other members, flames will not be tolerated
02. Please place all R or NC-17 rated drabbles/drawbles behind an lj cut
03. All other drabbles/drawbles may be posted as is since they are so short
04. Please use the following template, or something similar when posting your drabbles/drawbles:

Subject line: Day, Fandom, Pairing, Title (if it has one)
- e.g. Dec01, Harry Potter, Harry/Draco, Mistletoe Madness
Main body of post:
Title: (if it has one)

05. Please tag your drabbles/drawbles using a tag of your LJ name and the day in this format: Dec01, Dec02 etc. Once you have posted your first entry I will add a tag for you with your name and tag that entry for you and you will be able to tag your own entries from then on. The day tags have already been created (you just may not be able to see them in the tag list so you will need to type them in). The tags will make it easy for a reader to access all of your drabbles or drawbles at once or all for a day. If you have any problems with the tags just ask and I will be happy to help.

06. Because this is a drabble/drawble comm, the disclaimers may be bigger than the contents of the posts, therefore there is a Disclaimers post. If you are posting for a fandom not yet listed please comment on the Disclaimers post with your usual discalimer and it will be added to the main post. (If you would rather post your disclaimers with your entries you are most welcome to, this is just an idea for a short cut.)

You may post more than one drabble or drawble a day if you would like.
You may post in as many fandoms as you like.
You may post in fandoms other people are posting in.

This comm is open to all who would like to play, and don't worry if you can't do all 24 31 stories (we post prompts throughout December) or drawings, just do your best, this is all so we can have fun.

If you will be posting for a fandom that is not listed in the interests then drop me a note and I'll add it in.

And above all, enjoy yourselves! :)