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December 14th, 2016

[info]digthewriter in [info]adventdrabbles

Day 14. Harry Potter. Harry/Draco. Know that he'll always surprise you

Title: Know that he'll always surprise you.
Author: [info]digthewriter
Word Count: 650
Rating: PG
Warning: EWE. Auror Training Academy. Made up stuff. Pretend Relationship.
Disclaimer: Harry Potter characters are the property of J.K. Rowling and Bloomsbury/Scholastic. No profit is being made, and no copyright infringement is intended.
Author's Notes: This story is going to be called "Nothing Ventured. Nothing Gained." Each chapter is going to have a unique title but it'll all be part of one big story. I hope! AO3 link for all chapters in a row!

Know that he'll always surprise you. )

[info]torino10154 in [info]adventdrabbles


Here's the summary of entries we got for December 13th. Do check them out and then give the authors and artists some love. ♥

Harry Potter:
When you tell him how you feel. Mean it. Harry/Draco by [info]digthewriter
Not That Easy Harry/Severus by [info]gin_tonic
Dessert Charlie/Kingsley by [info]gin_tonic
A New Serum Harry/Draco by [info]alafaye
We're Happy Tonight Harry/Draco by [info]enchanted_jae

Let us know if there are any omissions or errors. Thanks!

[info]torino10154 in [info]adventdrabbles

Dec 4, Harry Potter, Harry/Draco, A Matter of Perspective

Title: A Matter of Perspective
Author: [info]torino10154
Fandom: Harry Potter
Pairing: Harry/Draco
Rating: R
Word Count: ~170
Disclaimer: Not mine. Based on characters from the Harry Potter book series.
A/N: Unbeta'd. Written for [info]birdsofshore who asked for Harry/Draco and for [info]adventdrabbles Prompt 4: Pink Christmas Tree.

A Matter of Perspective

[info]enchanted_jae in [info]adventdrabbles

Day 14: Harry Potter, Harry/Draco, Catch Me If You Can

Title: Catch Me If You Can Follows We're Happy Tonight
Author: [info]enchanted_jae
Character(s): Harry/Draco
Rating: PG13
Warning(s): Strong suggestion
Word count: 620
Disclaimer: Characters are the property of JK Rowling, et al. This fic/drabble was written for fun, not for profit.
Written for:
Jae's Advent Drabbles #14 - ice skating for [info]carpemermaid
AdventDrabbles #14 - Warm fuzzy socks
[info]dracoharry100 Christmas Challenge 2016 #14 - Ice skating
[info]slythindor100 25 Days of Draco and Harry Early Bird #14:
Summary: Harry and Draco go ice skating.

Catch Me If You Can

[info]deirdre_aithne in [info]adventdrabbles

Dec. 9th, Harry Potter, Neville & Harry, Leap of Faith

Title: Leap of Faith
Author: deirdre_aithne
Fandom: Harry Potter
Pairings: Neville & Harry (gen at the moment)
Rating: G
Total Word Count: 290
Disclaimer: I do not own or claim to own any characters, settings, locations, etc. from Harry Potter. All borrowed aspects of the above fandom are used purely for entertainment in a fanwork, and will be returned to their proper fandom and owners scratch, dent, and injury-free.
Notes: Unbeta'd. Part 6 of Making Christmas series, read Part 5 here, or start at Part 1 here. Apologies for the delay, but I've found myself in a cast due to a bad hand, so it took me a while to get this typed, since I'm on hunt & peck duty.

Leap of Faith )

[info]torino10154 in [info]adventdrabbles

Dec 3, Harry Potter, Albus/Scorpius, Well Seasoned

Title: Well Seasoned
Author: [info]torino10154
Fandom: Harry Potter
Pairing: Albus/Dominique, Albus/Scorpius
Rating: R
Word Count: 100
Highlight to read Warnings:*Character death, cannibalism* Mind the warnings on this one. For realz.
Disclaimer: Not mine. Based on characters from the Harry Potter book series.
A/N: Unbeta'd. Written for [info]this_bloody_cat who asked for Albus/Scorpius and for [info]adventdrabbles Prompt 3: Christmas Fondue. Thanks to [info]gryffindorj for still speaking to me after pre-reading this. LOL

Well Seasoned

[info]alisanne in [info]adventdrabbles

Prompt 15, 2016

Prompt fifteen this year comes to us from [info]sheankelor. Thanks so much!

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Have fun!
And don't forget, we'll continue to take prompt suggestions at any time, even up to the last day of December. Just poke us HERE. Enjoy!

[info]alafaye in [info]adventdrabbles

Day 15, MCU, Steve/Sam, First Christmas Snowfall

Title: First Christmas Snowfall
Fandom: Marvel
Pairing: Steve/Sam
Rating: G
Summary: The first Christmas snow was special.
A/N: And so this is day 15, first Christmas snowfall.

Christmas_Snow )