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Jan. 13th, 2009


Pics from Today







Add me as a friend. I'll add you write back:)

Jan. 7th, 2009


new crackpot in the ward

Hi, I'm new to Insane Journal.
I have moved over from LJ, which, rumor has it, is going the way of the dodo.
(Seems like there are a lot of us, eh?)
I've already modified the LJ client I wrote and created:
Tickle Therapy - tcl/tk Insane Journal client, free/open source software.

I like to hack a bit, (duh), am a translator (speak English, Portuguese, Spanish and French, in about that order), am an artist and photographer, and also play guitar.
I'm a single dad, with a 9 year old daughter, a jack russel terrier, and two pet rats.
I look forward to making new friends here.
Be well,

Dec. 3rd, 2008


Game and sci-fi geekgirl.

Name:  Katie
Age:  33 going on 17?
Location:  Fairview Heights, IL (i.e. next to Saint Louis, MO NOT Chicago, IL)
What you miss about the "old days":  It seems like most console games are clones of each other, and most focus more on graphics and body count than anything resembling plot.  Remember Miner 2049'er?  Boulder Dash?  Love 'em.

I was looking at my friends page and realized that I need more people to chat with, so I figured I'd try my luck here. I identify as a polyamorous queer woman and met my main partner almost 4 years ago. I recently started dating a second partner who is about 10 days younger than I am, and hanging out with someone who remembers all the same stuff that I do seems kinda weird. But I kinda like it. Hence this entry.

My interests include: singing, anime, Firefly, science fiction, the Final Fantasy games, alternative rock, reading, early Stephen King, Fringe, and console gaming.  I do occasionally ramble, followed by days of silence while I'm living life. I have odd fandoms and like to make people think. I'm political without being preachy and believe in everyone's right to individuality. I like to contemplate why people do and say the things they do.  If you've gotten this far in the entry, you should probably friend me already!

Nov. 20th, 2008



I'm still looking for new friends. I'm a 38 female living near Sacramento CA, USA. I'm a cat person. My profile has interests in it. I'm bisexual, agnostic and liberal. I'm disabled. I have a stable life. The glass is half full, the tree would make a sound and the egg came first. I use a PC. I have no idea how you people afford Macs. I really don't.

I don't like racists or homophobes, ageists or self-prophecy, delusion, illusion or fiction.

I'm a realist and I read non-fiction. I like to learn something when I read. I also write on occasion poetry or flash-fiction. I post pictures of the cats who have enslaved me a lot. All hail praise to the glory of cats:)

Add me soon. I can't wait to meet you.


P.S. I add people who speak other languages too because I have on line translation. I especially like to see the Russian text. But, I have Russian and Spanish speaking friends.

Sep. 5th, 2008



Just joined IJ and I need some friends! I'm 31, soon to be 32 on the 11th.

Check out my profile. I know it's not that fancy and all...but I'll get it there.

Aug. 24th, 2008


Please Visit My Profile Thanks in Advance Please visit my profile and see if you like me. I'm new here and I have made some friends but I'm reposting because I'm more comfortable with about fifteen friends:)

Oh, I make icons. This one is of velvet paintings.

Aug. 21st, 2008


Reposting for more online friends

I am a 35 year old female that is here to meet new on-line friends, and I love World of Warcraft. I have a ton of interests and am fairly open minded.

Aug. 20th, 2008



Um, I still need new friends. Please visit my profile interests to see what we may have in common. Thanks in advance:)

Aug. 19th, 2008


oh your no fun anymore!

hi my name is billy sands i'm a fifty year old figment of my imagination )


Moderator post...

Please remember this community if for meeting bloggers who are 30+ years old. This community is NOT for the following reasons:

To post Youtube Videos
To post Music Videos
To post random TV sitcom videos

Unless of course the said videos have to do with being over 30. If said videos are going to be posted please use the embedding code and do not cover it with some picture link. It makes my community look messy and I don't like it.

That being said, I've removed the last three posts here cause the videos were both irrelevant and messy.


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