January 16th, 2009

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hi there... possibly for good this time.

NAME: Justin (though if you don't know me, Warbound is better.)

AGE/SEX: 32 and male... that may be ancient, but I'm okay with that, heheh.

LIKES: music, FPS games, Call of Duty 4 and/or World At War, people (in general), Grateful Dead, Duane Allman, nostalgia, the paranormal, other than that it seems too many to list here... if anything, I'll mention more in my userinfo as time comes since I do forget I have other interests too. :)

DISLIKES: bigotry, rude/mean people, negativity, 'party poopers', trolls, hatemongers... though now I'm digressing.

LOOKING FOR: Anyone with humor, style, class, a freak flag too! I love anyone on here who can amaze me in a pinch. :) Of course, general happy people are a plus, I don't mind people who aren't similar to me either. A dash of opinion and difference does a world of wonder for me... consider me a bit starved for sociality, I really do appreciate anyone who is willing to talk with me from time to time.

ANYTHING ELSE: I was previously known as adaptoid on here nearly a year back because I wasn't quite ready for this... but now I am (definitely!). I'm just wanting to write again and to get active with my own asylum and to get active with InsaneJournal in general. :)

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