March 23rd, 2008

[info]earthlingmike in [info]addme30_and_up

Greetings, insane journal users

I'm 30, Ithaca NY

I miss being in my 20s cause I didn't do as much muff diving as I would have liked in that time.

1) Give your name and a little about yourself, including interests and hobbies.

I'm a font designer, I'm 30 years old. I'd like to begin a hobby of muff diving and am currently looking for candidates. Particularly I'd like to put into practice some of the techniques I've seen at

2) Tell us why you came to InsaneJournal. Did someone from IJ tell you (and if so, who)?

Wanted an alternative to LJ. Greatest Journal wrote a notice on their site one day that they don't do a lot of maintenance anymore and advised people to check out IJ.

3) What is your favorite thing, so far, about InsaneJournal?

It looks like they try to make a point of being more welcoming to people than LJ and the site layout looks neat and tidy.

4) Have you joined any other asylums? If not, would you like to?

Definitely looking for asylums to join. I really like the shitty advice community at LJ, I might try to start one here. I've joined [info]off_topic_cafe.

5) Is there a certain kind of asylum or type of friends you are looking for?

Well I do like humor. For friends I guess just people that I have things in common with. Though people who are different in some way are interesting.

6) Do you want to be an active member of InsaneJournal? (Meaning, do you want to promote IJ, update, and get involved in asylums?)


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