March 18th, 2008

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hi from iowa

Name: Justin ([info]adaptoid)
Age: 31
Location: Sioux City, Iowa
What you want in an IJ friend: I don't think I have any prerequisites at all. I've grown used to that due to the many years at LJ and I'm trying to keep up on writing more as time goes on. :)
What you don't want in an IJ friend: Those who treat any Asperger's/autistic person like myself as a second-class citizen, or worse.
A link to your profile: The Super-Adaptoid Blog (currently getting used to, given time... I tend to call any journal title I make these days a blog, hehe)

Describe yourself in 10 words: eccentric, Halo 3, Deadhead, Capricorn, artist, nonpolitical, autistic, musical, dreamer, friendly

Other Tidbits:
I tend to write about what goes on during my day, depending on when I write or so I just manage to write about the week along with what I've seen going on in my town. :) I also tend to write about my dreams when I can here too, as well as the visits I receive from my deceased dad within them, or outside of dreams. Sometimes I write what goes on with current events and my thoughts on them and along with it, thoughts about my own Asperger's/autism. I try not to show my bad days on my journal, because to me that would depress people. (That and I've gotten into it with some on LJ who were snippy of everyone's little bad days thinking it was just drama) Along with it, I write about the music I listen to, as well as asking for more musical input, hehe... I just tend to write what's on my mind when I can.

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