January 12th, 2008

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Age: 30
Location: Missouri, US
What you want in an IJ friend: Honest, open-minded, adult folks are nifty, especially if they can tolerate the fact I sometimes curse like a sailor. Also, I sometimes use icons that are not safe for work.
What you don't want in an IJ friend: Dishonesty, intolerance
A link to your profile: http://tijae.insanejournal.com/profile

Describe yourself in 10 words: eclectic, divorced, kinky, bi, poly, liberal, Pagan, Aries, gamer, tomboy

Other Tidbits:
I joined IJ in December. Most of the posts that are currently available in my journal are old posts I've archived from LJ. I started at LJ in 2001 and my posting habits are generally as follows:

- I don't write about politics often, but I do vote and have been known to give my reaction to the outcome of elections and such on a few occasions.
- I don't talk about my spirituality much either, but it may pop up from time to time. I'm out of the broom closet, so-to-speak, online and in real life, but it's just not something I share a lot about except with my significant other and my daughter. Personal, internal journey and all that.
- I do post about my daughter, significant other and two cats quite often during the course of sharing about my day-to-day activities.
- Cancer awareness and research is important to me. For example, my hair is currently pink and has been since October, which is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. I also participate in St. Baldrick's and shave my head completely bald each March to raise funds for childhood cancer research.
- I also post about my adventures in gaming when I find time to indulge. Games of choice include World of Warcraft, The Sims 2, Neverwinter Nights and various Nintendo DS titles, to name a few.
- I sometimes find myself on a haiku posting spree.

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