January 1st, 2008

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hi from mimesis

hello, everyone! i'm another recent immigrant from LJ. i hope you've all enjoyed the holidays! here's the basics about me:

stats: 32, F, single, mostly straight

location: for all reasonable purposes, the internet. i currently live in Wisconsin, but i've lived all over the US. i've never been out of the country, but it's a major wish of mine.

what i'm (usually) about: i returned to university ~3 years ago to complete my bachelor's. i'm now a full-time student in the life sciences, but my original background was in studio arts. i plan to continue with graduate studies, which will require a high level of achievement, so a lot of my attention goes towards this goal. i swear i'm not 20 years old, but i do post about school. :) just so you know.

i post just as often about personal vagaries. check out the public posts here.

interests: lots. more than i have time for.

what works in IJ friends: one of the best things about blogging is that i can access grown up commentary from anywhere, including campus. post about paying your bills, your kids, cleaning your home and mowing the lawn, running your business, or the intricacies of family and personal relationships. i'll eat it up. strongly held opinions and matured personalities welcome. intelligence, logic, and consideration expected. everything else, well, anything else goes. :)

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