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REMOVE/ADD 18 [10 Oct 2005|06:50pm]

Name Hayden Monroe
Journal [info]haydenmonroe
Play By Ian Somerhalder
AIM hullo hayden
Grade Senior, 12

Name Joel Andrew Peters
Journal [info]joelpeters
Play By Garrett Hedlund
AIM jump me joel
Grade Junior, 11

Name Dina Gray
Journal [info]dinagray
Play By Kristin Cavalleri
AIM you hate dina
Grade Senior, 12

Name Chris Baker
Journal [info]_chris
Play By Danny Masterson
AIM xBaked Baker
Grade Senior, 12

Name Seth Weinstein
Journal [info]seth_
Play By Shia LaBeouf
AIM superseth w111
Grade Freshman, 9

Name Zara Naismith
Journal [info]zara_naismith
Play By Julia Stiles
AIM from a to zara
Grade Junior, 11


Name Jaysen DeKam
Journal [info]jaysen
Play By JC Chasez
AIM or something jay
Grade Senior, 12

Name Kerry Ford
Journal [info]kerryf
Play By Mary Kate Olsen
AIM kerry dot org
Grade Sophomore, 10

Name Laurie Cooper
Journal [info]laurie
Play By Bethany Joy Lenz
AIM l is for laurie
Grade Junior, 11

Name Wesley Michaels
Journal [info]wesley
Play By Justin Timberlake
AIM tickle me wes
Grade Senior, 12

Name Erik Lawrence Benson
Journal [info]elb
Play By Sebastien Lefebvre
AIM eriklbenson
Grade Sophomore, 10


*Welcome to all the new people who are joining us from different sites such as GJ. Head on over to [info]schedules to make your class schedule for your character, if you haven't already.

*We asked you guys and majority of you weren't down for the move, so we will be staying here at insanejournal. Thank you for your feedback, we really appreciate it.

*Any gossip you have or that your characters know about, please submit it to [info]tabloid

*Thanks to everyone who's been pimping out the community and if you don't mind keep doing so, we'd love to see more fresh faces around here.
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