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4/25/08 07:46 pm - [info]bitter_wine

I feel ever so slightly uncomfortable with the knowledge that there are people watching this community that haven't actually joined it. There isn't much of a purpose, considering the majority of the entries here are friends-locked. I would leave personal messages on the journals of those specific members, but they have no entries to which I am able to comment. I suppose the best I can do is send invitations to join the community to those individuals.

Also, many of you have still neglected to do even cursory introductions.

I may disappear from time to time, since I only log into this journal when I am using it for the purpose it was created, but this community is rather important to me.

1/26/08 12:49 am - [info]bitter_wine

I wanted a simple layout that wasn't the default. If someone wants to offer to make a layout for the community, I'm not opposed to that. Also, if anyone has a problem with the darker layout scheme, just say so, and we'll look into having it changed.

That being said, welcome to the community. Please feel free to post whatever strikes you - introductions, personal experiences, helpful words and advice are all welcome here.

1/26/08 12:27 am - [info]bitter_wine

Please ask any questions you may have here. Please read the rules posted in the userinfo. Thank you.

-Your Mod
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