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same ol' sunnydale..well sort of. [Tuesday, February 12th, 2008 @ 9:40pm]

Standing in the kitchen, Buffy's eyes stared blankly at the growing pile of dishes lying in the sink.

Sighing, she moved closer and slowly picking them up one by one, she mumbled "Why couldn't I have been given magic cleaning powers along with my slayer powers.." The clanking sounds of the dishes distracted her and once again, her thoughts were somewhere else.

It had been almost a year. A year since she had saved the world. A year since she had defeated the First. Even after all this time, it still seemed unreal to her.

Quickly snapping out of her thoughts, she turned the radio on, immediately humming to the song that was playing. The music was almost too loud that she didn't even hear the knock at the door..actually it was more of a pounding on the door.

It had startled her at first, her slayer strength kicking in as she broke a plate because she had jumped so much.


Putting the broken pieces down and switching the radio off, she yelled out into the living room.

"I'm coming! Be right there!" she yelled, trying to sound way more chipper than she really was.

Finally opening the door, half expecting some salesman guy to be standing there, she looked around. No one was there.


After a few seconds of no answer, she turned on her heel and marched back into the house to resume her cleaning.

"Oh, what more would I be wanting to do on a saturday afternoon?" she said aloud to herself, sighing again.

The house was so quiet these days. Dawn was off at college, and Willow and Kennedy had gotten their own place just outside of town. Xander was off finally being the man he wanted to be and Spike.. well Spike was gone. He had died saving the world and there hadn't been a night since then that Buffy hadn't dreamt about him. Dreamt about what she had said to him. Had she really meant it? She still wasn't sure of that herself. All she knew was if she could see him one more time, there would be so much she would want to say to him.

((open to Spike!))
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