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Twelve Years Later - Two new chapters [18 Sep 2007|11:14pm]

Title: Twelve Years Later - Two new chapters
Author: [info]alaana_fair
Beta: [info]sesheta_66
Moral Support & Hand Holding: [info]melmoe1
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Harry/Draco
Genre: Flangst – heavy on the angst at first, then heavy on the fluff later. Just the way we like it, right? *g*
Summary: Sequel to Twelve Years. How long can love wait? As long as it needs to.
Warnings: DH compliant including epilogue.
Disclaimer: I am not JKR. I receive no monetary gain from this story. I make no claim to any of the characters and mean no offence by any actions they take. All characters depicted in sexual situations are above the age of consent.
Feedback: Rocks my world!

Need to start at the beginning?
Part 3 - The Time For Truth
Part 4 - Fathers and Friends
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some very important recs [16 Sep 2007|01:51pm]

so after viewing the list of 225 h/d classics on gossymer's LJ:

i've done some thinking.
i have had a couple of discussions with people who've read the list and immediately thought of fics that are their favorites that they have always thought of as classics that didn't make the list. the first ones that come to mind that others have mentioned to me are "checkmate" by naadi moonfeather and "clear as mud" by scoradh

so, my request is that in a reply to this post everyone rec less than 5 (we don't want to go crazy) fics that they love that they feel should have been on the list. i am thinking in terms of a new h/d shipper using that list a resource. what fics would we say every h/d shipper should read that are not on the list.
i am not knocking the list. i think it is fantastic. i have added it to my favorites and plan to use it as a resource. but i really feel the need to rec some fics that were not on the list and wanted to invite everyone else to do that as well.

here's my five:

one night at the ministry by maeglinyedi

nevermind the bollocks by geoviki
pure unadultered essential crack

all his saints by setissma
brilliant and beautiful, i would put this in my top 5 h/d fics ever.

open surrender by anise
in my opinion, one of the hottest h/d smut fics of all time

the other hottest h/d smut fic of all time is "in hot water" which i believe is by fiona_fawkes, but my computer isn't letting me access the LJ link right now. does anyone know if this fic is archived in more than one place?

so, there you have it. go forth and rec. and thank you in advance for your contribution. ;)
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Bringing Back the P0rn! Challenge [18 Aug 2007|12:32am]

Thank you to [info]irana for suggesting I cross-post this here...

Copied straight from my journal:

After my meltdown about my p0rn muse wandering away, [info]witchdragon suggested a wonderful idea. On September 1, all of fandom here on IJ posts a piece of art or writing that has some sort of smut factor. It can be implied, it can be graphic, it can be raunchy (I vote for this one *cheeky grin*), it just needs to be.


Because after all the censorship issues, fandom needs to bring back the p0rn!

Don't tell me you can't- one sentence, a doodle, all of it will do.

Remember- Bring Back the P0rn - September 01, only on InsaneJournal!

Your Mission is...

(1) Pimp this in your journal
(2) Write or Draw fandom smut
(3) Post on September 01
(4) Comment, Comment, Comment
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practicing what i preach [14 Aug 2007|09:58pm]

i shall now take my own advice and do my best to Participate in Fandom

here are 3 recs of h/d stories that i have reread recently.


1. rereading coffeejunkii's fics is always a nice thing. here'e some feel-good h/d for you.


2. everyone should read this


yes now. go read it now.

3. this is truly one of the best stories i've ever read. i think that you all should read it too.

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