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[Sat 20 Jun @ 11:09am]

Due to a storm which made my computer stop working I'm going to be on hiatus until I can get it fixed. Hopefully it wont take long (and hopefully I wont lose all the crap I have on it).

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Hiatus Warning! [Tue 9 Jun @ 10:27pm]

Ok, so friday afternoon will see my home invaded by family from out of town. This means that I will be unavailable all weekend. So if you want to thread/log get at me now or wait till they are gone. ^__^

<3 Gypsy/Inari/Shouta/Ichiru
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[Wed 13 May @ 1:48pm]

So I thought I would share something for you all who do not know about it, especially with Prom coming up IG.

There is a sight called Polyvore where you can create the outfits your character will wear at the Prom or for, well, anytime. You can find me on there here. As you can see, I already have Shouta and Inari set up for the Prom. ^__^

<3 Gypsy
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Calling All Night Class Again! [Mon 11 May @ 10:06pm]

So I am thinking of putting up an open thread soon for the Night Class during History as a way to see how the students react to Inari. What do you all think? Sound interesting?
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[Tue 24 Mar @ 3:16am]

[ mood | blah ]

I apologize for not doing much. Slump, rl, you know, that kind of shit.

If I act like total jackass, I don't mean to, I promise. I really don't.

So, for those I have been towards, forgive me, ne?


~Damien AKA Ichijo, Ichiru

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[Thu 12 Mar @ 8:42pm]

FRIENDS ONLY! [info]crossmod
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