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September 2, 1975; Delivery [
June 8th, 2008; 9:54am

Who: Professor Slughorn
When: 2 September, 1975; Early Morning delivery via random first years.
Where: Only To Slug Club members: Narcissa Black, Dirk Cresswell, Barty Crouch Jr., Barnabas Cuffe, Wilda Griffiths, Lucius Malfoy
What: Invitation!
Rating: PG.
Incomplete/Complete: Complete.

If you attend the meeting )

1 September, 1975; Dumbledore [
June 7th, 2008; 1:20pm

Who: Headmaster Dumbledore.
When: 1 September, 1975; Just after the conclusion of the Sorting Ceremony.
Where: The Great Hall.
What: After a few words of wisdom... let the games begin.
Rating: PG.
Incomplete/Complete: Complete.

"Welcome! To those of you who are just starting out, and for those of you returning: Welcome!

"Regrettably, I find I must make a few start-of-term announcements before I can let all of you enjoy the feast. So, without delay, let me start by saying that -- as is the usual -- the rules of conduct for Hogwarts are presently posted on Mr Filch's office door. He wishes for me to remind you to please read them and conduct yourself accordingly. Also, the Forbidden Forest is, in fact, forbidden to all students.

"Well, I do think that is all I have to announce at this -- oh yes, just one more thing. I find that life, in general, is like an empty book. All one has to do is simply pick up a quill... and fill its pages.

"Now… Let the feast begin!"

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