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September 5th, 1975. Oh....Bollocks! [11 Jun 2008|01:32am]
Who: Students of Hogwarts!
When: 8:00am. Before Breakfast.
Where: Main Marble Staircase.
What: Mischief!
Rating: PG
Incomplete/Complete: Complete.

Today was a frightfully cold exception. )
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September 5th, 1975: Broken Quills [11 Jun 2008|06:44pm]
Who: Sirius Black and Regulus Black.
When: 12:05pm (During Lunch, after this).
Where: Main staircase.
What: Brotherly chat.
Rating: PG-13.
Incomplete/Complete: Complete

Regulus had that small thing going for him, that one thing that could push Sirius back when he wanted to rage. He was the brother, someone that had meant the world to Sirius at one time in his life. )
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