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    Monday, March 22nd, 2010
    1:41 pm
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    1:03 pm
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    Uchiha Sasuke
    1:21 pm
    Rules and Information

    1) Be nice. Do not godmod, harass or be rude to other players. If you have personal conflicts with a player handle it outside of the community.

    2) There is no age cap on the community; if you're mature, can write well and handle your time well you're more then welcome here!

    3) If you have the time and can handle more then two characters, you may apply for them, but the limit is two and ask a mod for permission please.

    4) Original characters are not allowed, neither are mary-sues.

    5) If the character you are applying for has history that affects another character, please discuss it with the mods and the aforementioned character.

    6) There will be an activity check every now and then, and you must post at least two journals in one month; and if your character isn't the type for that post more then three comments on other journals/logs.

    7) If you are accepted, keep the character you have chosen in character as much as possible; we all know that their history is likely to be different, and the animal hormones are bound to make them act strangely during spring time, but you can still stick to canon.

    8) If your log happens to hold mature content, such as cursing, etc, put a warning, and rating.


    Concerning your character: what type of animal they are all depends on what you want and also how their character is. Sasuke for example is a black tom cat, because from what I see of this character it suits him quite well, but wouldn't suit others such as Lee as right.

    I can not stress this enough, if you have any questions, comments, or suggestions, go ahead and tell me, either here or through email:

    Current Mood: busy
    12:52 pm
    Fill out the form below, the mods will review your application and if you are accepted we will get right back to you!




    Forms of contact:

    Time zone:





    Animal type:

    Occupation [optional]:

    Sample post[Third person POV]:

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