6th Year Bathroom Scenes
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    Sunday, July 24th, 2011
    10:44 pm
    initial post and template!
    So, here's the deal! This community was created based on a comic done by red_rahl. It's super-cute, and I loved it, and we realized that after it was done, it was a kind of canon in itself.

    Plug any two characters in this scene, and you've got cracktastic goodness!!!

    So, here's the deal. Any drawings and writings are welcome, as long as it's re-doing the 6th year bathroom scene from the book Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince...

    ... in this format:


    Have at it!! This is a big fat present for Red_rahl, and I hope she can join soon enough. But first, let's get some lovin' in here.

    Writers are welcome, too. ^_^

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