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User: [info]featheredwolf
Date: 2007-08-06 21:38
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Claim Fandom Themes Posting Tag
Harry/Draco Harry Potter 12 [info]ladybelz posting at [info]darkestmidnight ladybahiya:harry/draco
Spike/Xander Buffy the Vampire Slayer 15 [info]xocoatldreams posting at [info]tattered_tales xocoatldreams:spike/xander
Joe/Lucas Empire Records 50 [info]featheredwolf joereaves:joe/lucas
Chris Larabee Magnificent Seven 50 [info]starkindler starkindler:chris larabee
General Series Magnificent Seven 50 [info]hana_standish hana_standish
Savannah Levine Women of the Otherworld 16 [info]ashesofroses ashesofroses:savannah levine
Uzumaki Naruto Naruto 10 [info]adorkablenerd adorkablenerd:naruto
Harry/Severus Harry Potter 10 [info]jellybean_slash jellybean_slash:harry/severus
McKay/Sheppard Stargate Atlantis 50 [info]reulann reulann:mckay/shappard
Harry/Severus Harry Potter 50 [info]dani_meows dani_meows:harry/severus
Mai/Joey Yugioh 50 [info]dani_meows dani_meows:mai/joey
General Series Naruto 16 [info]dazeyhaze dazeyhaze:naruto
Harry/Draco Harry Potter 10 [info]lilian_cho lilian_cho:harry/draco
Remus/Sirius Harry Potter 12 [info]pyrate_sock pyrate_sock:remus/sirius
Helena Ravenclaw/Salazar Slytherin Harry Potter 50 [info]mjslsbs posting as [info]pansexual mjslsbs:ravenclaw/slytherin

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