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What can I claim?

Anything you want. The only limitation is your imagination - claim a character, a couple/threesome/moresome, claim a group (eg the scooby gang, the men of CSI etc), an entire fandom, an AU. We're open to original fiction as well as fanfiction. So really claim anything you want as long as it's something that I can tell if it's in each drabble.

Does the character I claimed have to be in all my drabbles?

Not exactly. Every drabble has to be about your claim in one way or another, but the drabble can be a different character thinking about the one/more you claimed or it can be from their POV or it can just be about them. As long as it relates to your claim somehow it counts.

And I have to write all 50 prompts?

Yes that's the point, one drabble per prompt to get 50 drabbles at the end. However, since there are no writer's choice prompts you may swap 5 of the prompts, and five ONLY, with five prompts from any of the other tables (not all five that you choose to use have to be from the same table, you can swap for one prompt from each of five different tables if you want).

How long do I have to do this in?

No time limit, but if you're silent for a very long time I may poke you to see if you're still alive, especially if you claimed something very popular.

Are there limits on how many people can claim any one thing?

Yes no more than two people can claim the exact same thing. But if two people already have CSI, for example, and table two you can claim CSI and table five, or Gil Grissom and table two etc. There are 15 tables right now so that means there can be thirty claims for each thing, I think that's more than enough, don't you?

How many things can I claim?

As many as you want but you have to work on them all at the same time. You can't post all fifty drabbles for one claim and then all fifty for the next. If you want to do that wait till you've finished one before you claim the next.

100 words, right?

Yes. A drabble is, for the purposes of this challenge, 100 words. No more, no less. The exact word count is the reason I think drabbles are so much fun, it's the challenge of trying to convey what you want to in a precise number of words. Saying a drabble is anything under 500 words is like saying you can write a haiku without bothering about the number of syllables.

So I've been approved and want to start posting, how do I do that?

I'm not going to tell you exactly what you have to say in the header, but use your common sense. If you have content that needs warning for, use warnings please. Rate all drabbles appropriately and if they're R (15 if you're British) or above please put them behind a cut. if you're posting several drabbles at a time please put them all in one post so you don't spam the community in which case leave the headers visible and put the drabbles behind multiple cuts. You can link directly back to your IJ instead if you'd rather do that.

What are tags?

Tags are a way of helping people find things. I will give you a tag when you claim, please use it on every post.

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