50 Drabbles Fiction Challenge - September 22nd, 2007
Because sometimes 100 words are all you need.

User: [info]50drabbles (posted by [info]myguys_sam_dean)
Date: 2007-09-22 20:47
Subject: Supernatural Prompt #15 -No Way Out
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Tags:myguys_sam_dean:supernatural, supernatural

Title: No Other Choice
Author: myguys_sam_dean
Rating: R?
Characters: Sam, Dean
Disclaimer: I don't own 'em, I just play with 'em.
Feedback: Absolutely!
Summary: Written for 50 Drabbles Prompt #15-No Way Out. Sam and Dean are trapped.

No Other Choice . . . )

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shinnite posting in 50 Drabbles Prompt Challenge
User: [info]50drabbles (posted by [info]shinnite)
Date: 2007-09-22 23:14
Subject: Kaze no Stigma Drabble (20/50)
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Tags:kaze no stigma, shinnite:kazuma/ayano

Title: Lullaby
Series: Kaze no Stigma
Pairing: Kazuma/Ayano
Rating: PG
Notes: Takes place years after the series, assuming marriage etc.
Wordcount: 100
Prompt: #012
Teaser: “Knowing our luck, she’ll become a Contractor and cause trouble like her father.”


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