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Joe Reaves posting in Past Times, Other Worlds
User: [info]featheredwolf
Date: 2008-01-30 23:45
Subject: Tagging
Security: Public
Tags:admin, tags

In addition to tagging your fic with the tag you were given when you claimed can you please tag fics with the fandom/fandoms that they're in. If you're writing a crossover involving fandoms not mentioned in your claim add tags for those too.

I'll be creating fandom tags as and when they're necessary so please check the list and then comment here telling me what fandom you need a tag for and giving a link to the post if you've already made it so I can tag it for you.

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Joe Reaves posting in Past Times, Other Worlds
User: [info]featheredwolf
Date: 2008-01-02 14:41
Subject: Semi-OT Post
Security: Public

I thought I'd mention a couple of asylums you guys might be interested in.

There's one of mine called [info]ageofsail which is for discussion and fic about an age of sail fandom and also for age of sail era AUs for non age of sail fandoms. So if you want to read or write Horatio Hornblower fic or Pirates of the Caribbean or (and this is where it becomes appropriate for this asylum) you have a CSI AU set on board a Royal Navy frigate during the Napoleonic Wars ... come and join us. Everyone welcome.

And this is one I came across just recently - [info]mafia_gangster. Similar premise to Age of Sail but for mafia and gangster fandoms and fics. Mafia AUs to non mafia shows welcome.

Both are slash, het, and gen friendly so please go and take a look.

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Joe Reaves posting in Past Times, Other Worlds
User: [info]featheredwolf
Date: 2007-08-06 21:20
Subject: Claims
Security: Public
Tags:admin, claims

Comment here with which table you're going to use and what you're claiming, along with which lj you'll be posting to and a link to your table.

Claim Fandom Table Username Tag
Joe Reaves Empire Records Past Times [info]featheredwolf joereaves:empire records
Greg Sanders CSI Past Times [info]starkindler starkindler:greg sanders
General Series Magnificent Seven Past Times [info]hana_standish hana_standish:mag7
Tommy/Kimberley Power Rangers Past Times [info]dani_meows dani_meows:tommy/kimberley
House and Wilson House MD Past Times [info]autumnrain autumnrain:house and wilson
General Series Samurai Warriors Other Worlds [info]bellflower posting at [info]temple_honnoji bellflower:samurai warriors
Mai/Joey Yugioh Other Worlds [info]dani_meows dani_meows:mai/joey
Sam and Dean Supernatural Past Times [info]jelaine jelaine:sam and dean

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Joe Reaves posting in Past Times, Other Worlds
User: [info]featheredwolf
Date: 2007-08-06 21:19
Subject: Hall of Fame
Security: Public
Tags:admin, completed claims

Comment here when you've finished your table.

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Joe Reaves posting in Past Times, Other Worlds
User: [info]featheredwolf
Date: 2007-08-06 21:19
Subject: Dropped Claims
Security: Public
Tags:admin, dropped claims

Comment here if you have to drop a claim for any reason.

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Joe Reaves posting in Past Times, Other Worlds
User: [info]featheredwolf
Date: 2007-08-06 21:18
Subject: Prompt Tables
Security: Public
Tags:admin, prompts

Past Times

001 Arabia 002 Greece 003 Japan 004 Rome 005 Russia
006 Alchemist 007 Bodyguard 008 Caveman 009 Concubine 010 Criminal
011 Explorer 012 Hunter 013 Merchant 014 Native 015 Nomad
016 Pirate 017 Priest 018 Royalty 019 Scholar 020 Sheik
021 Sheriff 022 Warrior 023 Castle 024 City 025 Desert
026 Jungle 027 Market Place 028 Museum 029 Palace 030 Sea
031 Slave Auction 032 Snow 033 Colonial 034 Depression 035 Gold Rush
036 Industrial Age 037 Jazz Age 038 Wartime 039 Clan 040 Conquest
041 Gun 042 Hawk 043 Music 044 Oracle 045 Plague
046 Sacrifice 047 Stage 048 Sword 049 Tribe 050 Wealth

Other Worlds

001 Air 002 Earth 003 Fire 004 Water 005 Spirit
006 Darkness 007 Apprentice 008 Brigadoon 009 Castle 010 Cauldron
011 Dreams 012 Hero 013 Immortal 014 In the Clouds 015 Knight
016 Prince/Princess 017 Psychic 018 Steam Powered 019 Treasure 020 Underwater
021 Villain 022 Wicked Stepmother 023 Brownie 024 Centaur 025 Dragon
026 Dryad 027 Dwarf 028 Elf 029 Fairy 030 Faun
031 Genie 032 Ghost 033 Griffin 034 Lycanthrope 035 Naiad
036 Oread 037 Phoenix 038 Shapeshifter 039 Snow Queen 040 Sun God
041 Troll 042 Vampire 043 Witch 044 Wizard 045 Curse
046 Enchantment 047 Hawk 048 Horse 049 Snake 050 Wolf

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Joe Reaves posting in Past Times, Other Worlds
User: [info]featheredwolf
Date: 2007-08-06 21:15
Subject: FAQ
Security: Public
Tags:admin, faq


What can I claim?

A character, pairing, thresome/moresome, group of characters, or a fandom. Any fandom is welcome. If you're not sure if what you want is allowable, just ask, as long as it's something I can tell if it's in each scene I'm pretty flexible on what you can choose.

How many things can I claim?

There is no limit as long as you are working on them all at the same time. If you genuinely believe you can work on ten claims at the same time without neglecting any of them, who am I to stop you? You're clearly insane, but that's your problem, not mine.

Can I write with a partner?

Yes, but writing with a partner means both/all of you write every fic. No alternating.

Can I split a claim with someone else?

Yes but state that when you claim and how many fics you'll each be writing

How many people can claim something?

Up to three people can claim any specific thing at one time. However, if three people already have CSI that doesn't mean people can't claim Gil/Sara or Nick/Warrick or anything else they fancy.

What's the minimum or maximum length?

At least 100 words. No word limit, write as much as you like.

What ratings are accepted here?

Any and all. Just give adequate warnings and hide anything R or above behind a cut please.

Are crossovers allowed?

Absolutely. As long as your claimed character/pairing/fandom is featured you can do whatever you want with them

Is Real Person Fic allowed?

Sure, why not. I've succumbed to the temptation and started writing it myself now so I can hardly ban it.

Can I use previously written fic?

No, not unless you've rewritten it.

Can I use multiple prompts for one story.

No. One prompt per story.

What if there's a prompt I just can't write for?

Since I didn't give you any writer's choice prompts you can replace up to five of your prompts with other appropriate prompts.

What do you mean by appropriate?

The Past Times table is for historical AUs so all the fics (and any prompts you swap) must be your fandom in another time period (for fandoms set in the past in canon all fics must be set in a different era or a different area of the world if it's the same era. For historical fandoms only you may set fic in the present day). By historical fic I mean historically accurate fic, if you want to write pseudo historical fic or Hollywood history claim the fantasy table or join one of the other AU challenges out there. The Other World table is for fantasy AUs so all the fics (and any prompts you have) must be your fandom set in some kind of fantasy AU. It can be contemporary/urban fantasy (ie similar to Anita Blake or Harry Potter), steampunk or other historical fantasy (Temeraire for example), space fantasy (ie a futuristic universe but with non science based magic and such. If it's justified with science and/or aliens like Star Wars or X Men it's sci fi not fantasy), or high fantasy (eg LOTR or fairy tales). If your fandom is already fantasy you must set it in an AU of some kind you cannot just use the fantasy universe that exists in canon.

What do you mean by not accurate historical fic? Do I have to be an expert/have every detail right?

No one can get every tiny detail right even if they try, not without a time machine. However - no anachronistic technology (cell phones, unless you want something the size of a briefcase, only existed in the last decade or so, artificial fabrics are a product of the last century etc), try to keep the language somewhat era apropriate (you don't have to write in Latin/whatever but Ancient Greeks are unlikely to use modern slang or words related to concepts alien to them ie mind your p's and q's relates to movable type printing), try to remember that modern society is not the same as every historical society - pay attention to how women/homosexuals/children would have acted, avoid PDAs etc etc. Try not to mess up your basic dates, geography etc. No one has to be perfect but if the period you're using isn't recognisable to people with even the most basic knowledge it's fantasy. eg Braveheart is historical fantasy; The Longest Day is historical fiction.

Do I have to write them in order?

Absolutely not.

Can I apply fic to more than one challenge?

It's okay with us as long as it's okay with the other community that you're writing for. The finished fics can of course go wherever you want.

Does my character/pairing/fandom have to be in the story?

Yes, that is the point

Are there any deadlines?

Deadlines? What are those? No but if you're not posting and there's a wait for the claim, I'll contact you to see if you're still interested.

Headers and cuts:

I'm not going to tell you what header you have to use, but please include all the relevant information outside the cut. ie Title, Author, Fandom, Pairing, Rating and Warnings. Put the fic behind a cut or use a fake cut to your own journal if you want.

Please make sure you give the proper warnings for anything that might disturb people. If you want to put them at the bottom of the fic to avoid spoilers that's fine as long as you make it clear that's what you're doing and how to find them.


I'll give you a tag when your claim is approved. Please try to use them.

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