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Newb! [Friday
Jan 18, 2008 @ 12:56am]

Hello there, everyone! My name is Amanda, and clearly, I'm a new person here. :) I've never participated in anything of this nature before, but thought it might be a good way to form some healthy habits. From what I've heard, having people support you through a diet is a sure-fire way to success. Personally? Wouldn't know; I've never really had anyone to support me in my diets. And I've failed every single one of them. Coincidence?

Anyway. :) I'll officially be starting with this tomorrow--rather, later today, hahaha. I'm 5'5", and weigh around 175. Truthfully, I do not have a scale. Bad 'Manda. Fixing this ASAP, however. Right now, I'm setting my calorie goal at 600, and going from there!

Oh! I wanted to share this site! It's a little calorie-burning/weight loss calculator thing. I love playing with the numbers, hahaha! Just thought someone else might like it as well!


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The Day Before The First Day [Tuesday
Jan 15, 2008 @ 02:31pm]

Tomorrow will be my first day on the 28 day plan. My goal calorie intake per day will be 600 calories. I'm pretty nervous about this. I can't ever seem to stick to a diet. Maybe now that I started this asylum, I will be able to. It's good inspiration anyways. My starting weight is about 185lbs, which is way too much. I'm only 5'6''. I can post a picture if anyone wants to see my fat self but I doubt anyone does. Well I'm going to go promote the asylum a little bit and see if anyone wants to join. <3
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