January 2009

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January 18th, 2009

[info]annataria in [info]25_ff7_prompts

1. Love

Yazoo loves Loz, and this is something that seems to carry them through the very worst and most brutal of times. But Yazoo loves Cloud as well, and there is the thorn in the side of the whole thing: love is friend and enemy as well.

2. Hate

Hating Rufus is something that Kadaj knows how to do, and it is something he finds impossible to let go --as the man mocks him, belittles his desperate quest, he now finds that hate is capable of growth, and expansion, in ways he never imagined.

3. Death

Dying is easier than the boy expected, and much, much more painful than he believes he deserves. But the moments are swift, and besides, being held by him makes this almost worthwhile, doesn't it?

4. Mercy 

When Cloud's blade comes down and very nearly ends Kadaj's life, he angles it so that it will cut the boy's heart in half as it cleaves him in twain. It is, he supposes, the least mercy he can give, as speedy a death as possible. Of course, the young enigma sidesteps, and earns himself a much later and much more brutal demise. An inherited agony that Cloud would be loathe to deliver. Yet he will do so, and Kadaj will feel the fatal kiss of that steel by proxy.

[info]redheadturkey in [info]25_ff7_prompts

Prompt #5- Loss

I wasn't sure where I was. All I could see was red. Red blood, red in the water around, on my hands. The body in my arms was growing lighter, his blood mixing with the red of his hair, and I was suddenly afraid. . .more afraid than I had been in my life. Should I just let him go? Should I try to make him stay? I didn't know, and that frightened me, too. There was not much I could do, except to hold onto him, and hope that help reached us in time. I ran my fingers through his hair and whispered his name. "Reno. . .I love you." Loss had never felt so bitter to me as it did at that moment.

prompt 6-denial

When Cloud threw himself at the redhead as the door to Healin opened, he wanted to tell himself it was hatred. He tried to make himself believe that it was loathing, and maybe a bit of disgust, that drove him to slash that blade at Reno as he launched himself at the Turk. It wasn't, and he knew it, but he would deny until his dying day that there may be some physical attraction there. For Cloud was a hero, and Reno was a Turk, a scoundrel, a thief, and a killer. Never could the two meet.

Prompt 7-Escape

As Reno held the bomb in his hand while he stood on that bridge, waiting for the remnants to race into range on their bikes, the words "Looks like today we're clockin' out early" falling from his lips, he couldn't help but see this glorious hero's death as his escape from the mad ennui that his life after Meteor had become. But Rude it seemed had a different brand of it on his mind, and as he sailed head first to the black water below, Reno couldn't help but wonder if maybe his idea of such a thing might have been a better one.

prompt 8-wonder

Green eyes widen as streams the same shade as those eyes float up from the ground, winding around any who happen to be outside as the wind from the fell magic suddenly dies, the world suddenly seeming to stand still as those jade rivers wend up into the sky, tearing into Meteor like so many vicious raking predatory claws, breaking it apart. The sound that comes from the Turk's full lips as Reno watches the huge asteroid shatter into pieces that would burn up in the atmosphere is one of wonder.

prompt 9-evil

It always made Genesis angry when anyone would question his ethics. He had in his lifetime been called many things, insane, a monster, a tragic figure. . .but it always seemed to bother him the most when he was called EVIL. He would tell them that it was not evil to follow one's own heart.

Prompt 10-grief

The most difficult moment in any man's life is the one in which he loses his parents. The moment that Reno discovered who his father was had been the moment that he had found him pinned to his desk by Sephiroth's huge blade, and it had shocked him in a way he had never expected. It was later that the grief he had never expected to feel came, when he watched the world nearly end.