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Jan. 18th, 2009 @ 07:07 pm (no subject)
1. Love

Dante loves Vergil, Vergil loves Dante, and that's where it ceases to be simple, that's where it ceases to be civil. That's the point where it all goes to Hell, very literally. There's no peace or sanity or kindness after this basic fact that applies equally to both twins. There is only this perfection of simplicity, and how it all falls apart if you step past this.

2. Hate

Dante hates Vergil, and that's the other half of the mystery.

Vergil returns the sentiment, and so the entire pointlessly circling cycle goes on. In the end, in the very, very end, at the point where all this is perhaps more properly in the realm of bullshit rather than love OR hate, in the end it's just them.

And they're together.

And whatever was/is the matter with them, it's still there.

But it's okay.
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