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    Monday, October 15th, 2007
    9:03 pm
    Scarf And Hats To Ward Off The Chill
    I'm KaliTime and I've been knitting since June 2006. I've only made a few things thus far and I'm currently digging into a scarf, hat, gloves set for myself. I'm 26, boring, and tasty with Lemon. :p


    A fully reversible hat I made for an actor guy I'm a fan of. One side dark blue with light blue accent bands, one side light blue with dark blue accent bands. It took me three weeks to get this done. I used Carons "Sky Blue" and "Royalty" acrylic yarn to make it. I CO 80 stitches onto circular needles and just went at it until I had a long enough tube. Then I stitched both ends up, pushed the two ends together and stitched them to make the hat. With the corners left over on the top after stitching, I folded them over to one side and put a few stitches in with a yarn needle to give it a sort of flair.

    Blue? Blue? Huh?! )

    Pink scarf: Sending this off to the same destination. In all, this took about three weeks to do as well but more because I was sick at the time. It's around eight feet long (told you I was sick...:p) and done with some kind of pink yarn. Sorry but I don't know what the color is called. The fringe is a combination of that same pink yarn and some Caron "White" I have taking up space in my box.

    Pink Scarf )

    And as a side project, a Pom Pom for my third knitted hat: This was the third hat I made...a little under a year ago, and I've been doing things to it since then. This latest abus...update is the addition of a tri-colored pom pom. I made the pom pom maker out of a plastic card blank with a square cut in the middle to put the stabilizing yarn through once I'd finished winding it around to the desired thickness. The colors of the hat are Caron "Country Rose", "Black" and Red Heart "Light Gray".

    As soon as I finish making my Autumn-y scarf, hat, and...glove set for this upcoming Autumn/Winter, I'm going to knit a matching scarf for this hat.

    Pom Pom Hat Update )

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    Tuesday, October 23rd, 2007
    11:02 pm
    A Few New Things
    A few bits and bobs. I'm now tucked into another project but I can say that I really enjoyed this one.

    Scarf, Hat, and Glove Set )

    Now for shower and more knitting. Cheers all!

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