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Oct. 29th, 2008



Who: Kai and Tayne
Where: The main hall, at least to start
When: Anesus 6, late morning

Another day of rain! Another day unsuited for hunting. It was enough to make any Lykos be sullen and complain about the lack of decent hunting weather, though at least Kai was sure that such a storm couldn’t continue for long. The brindled Lykos couldn’t much complain about it anyway, though, since the rain had at last brought her (or sent her to) a cozy sleepmate and she no longer had to be alone at night. It was hard to complain when she now had that.

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Oct. 12th, 2008



Who: Tabrika and OPEN TO ALL (multiple takers allowed :) )
Where: The courtyard, then Out
When: Anesus 6, 12:30AM

It had been an utterly miserable eight hours, out in the rain and the wind and the cold, and Tabrika was so, so, so, so glad that it was over. As of the evil hour of when things "changed", or whatever it did, she was off-duty and she could get inside, and warm, and dry. After all the rain, wind, and thunder basically making it impossible for her to function by ears and smell alone, her nerves were shot. All she had to do was wait for the next herder to come take over for her, and she could creep back inside and hide.

Such, however, was not her luck. Just as she caught the faint strains of the time-measuring-thing inside the main hall through the wind, her world lit up bright as day, and there was the sudden scent of fire-crackling-burning-glass that she associated with lightning, to strong for even the rain to dampen. Then there was seared stone.

Then there was noise. Rumble and thunder and clatter and screaming animals and screaming people. Tabrika couldn't even sort it all out, she just yowled with pain and confusion and backed her rump against the nearest wall in a blind, helpless daze as the herds stampeded away from her-- and out the castle gates, followed by what few of the herders still had their wits about them. Natural-formed Tabrika, unfortunately, was not one of them.


Anesus 6, 1715

Time Update : Anesus 6, 1715

Weather: The storm doesn't start to let up until dawn, and even then it's only the lightning and thunder that gives up the ghost. The rain continues heavily well into the next day, and the wind continues to be high and cold. Still, even though no one can see it behind the dark clouds, Parnsehi rises full tonight, after sundown.

12:30 AM
Again, half-past the hour is rung in with a blinding flash of lightning and a deafening clap of thunder practically simultaneously: lightning strikes within the castle courtyard. No one is hurt, aside from being temporarily deafened, but all the herds inside the courtyard don't like that one bit, and there is an attempt at a stampede inside the enclosed space. The recipe for one disaster is replaced by another as, at precisely the same moment, the castle gates slam open, providing the panicked animals the perfect, and only, escape. Within moments, they stampede out, leaving the herders-- and anyone else who they can round up-- to chase after them and bring them back. It is a miserable, all-day affair, and once Tayne is informed, he immediately sets about trying to round up volunteers. All other chores except necessary ones, such as the kitchens and hall duties, are suspended until the animals can be returned.

Oct. 6th, 2008


Lost in the Storm

Who: Rémy and Tayne
When: Anesus 5, late afternoon
Where: the main hall, lurking in the shadows

Rémy was in a much better humor than he'd been in the day before, actually even more so due to the dark, lowering skies and the thunderstorm that had been raging outside since the wee hours of the morning. He loved days when he could walk around above basement level as soon as he woke up and not have to wait for sunset.


A Self-Assigned Task

Who: Kierban and Davie
Where: The main hall
When: Anesus 5, noonish

Kierban hated full moon nights. The moon had already risen and set (although the raging storm concealed the fact) but that didn’t change the fact that he always felt a little more miserable when the full moons were soon to come or recently passed. It didn’t even matter if the moon was his own or not, because every luminous orb invoked the same sorrow and melancholy. They were reminders of his childhood days when people had actually cared for him.


Drying by the Fire

Who: Kai and Churat
When: Anesus 5, late morning
Where: Basement lounge

Nobody had told Kai the compound courtyard was going to be locked. Why would it be locked? The sun was up (even if it was lost behind the stormclouds) and the few Lenhakriron clan of the compound were back in their rational minds, so why did it need to be locked? Well, Kai didn’t know, but it was. She’d found that out first hand. After sleeping late in comfort and company for the first time since she’d arrived, Kai had attempted to follow her usual routine once she was finally up and about: she tried to go out to hunt breakfast.

After skirting the herds of livestock taking shelter in the courtyard, however, she’d discovered that that was as far as she would be getting. The courtyard gates were soundly shut and there would be no getting out for her. Oh, she’d tried, sort of, but in the end all she’d managed to achieve was getting soaked all the way through her fur and matted up to her heels in mud. As she’d slogged her way back to the compound doors, she’d also noted the gardens—on which a good portion of her day yesterday had been spent with her gardening chores—looking rather drowned, which was annoying.



Who: Jo and Tayne
When: Anesus 5, just after sunrise
Where: Outside!

Accustomed to waking with the sun (and still a little tired from her meeting with Paziter and all the excitement the following day), Jo was up and about her business before she even realized that the windows in her room had vanished. They'd never actually bothered her much, even with a boy as her neighbor. Harlan had even actually been quite nice throughout the whole ordeal.

With her mind still on windows, Jo glanced outside. The rainy weather had worsened overnight... and today was her shift in the garden. She paused only a moment before shrugging mentally. It wasn't as though she'd melt, and she'd probably been out in worse. Still, it'd be pretty cold, as well as damp, so another layer of clothing was called for.

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Storms and Footwarmers

Who: Kai and Marcus
When: Anesus 5, late night/early morning after 12:30 AM
Where: Marcus’s Room

Though it couldn’t be said that Kai was starting to lose faith in her surroundings, she was really starting to feel quite lonely. Though she’d met many of the compounds other inhabitants and was slowly starting to sort out the myriad scents all over the place, including those that told her there were several Lykos packs around, she was still looking for a place where she could fit and stay for more than just a passing conversation. Oh, she knew she’d have one eventually, of course she would…but she was really starting to have that nagging complaint that she wanted a place now. If she hadn’t known things would work out eventually, she might have wished she was male—then she could make a place and form a pack all her own. But as it was, she just had to keep drifting for now.


Everything back to normal?

Who: Davie, Harlan, and Elanna
When: Anesus 5, 12:30 am
Where: Starting in his room, but out and about

Once Davie had managed to get himself upstairs and to a decent meal, he decided the best thing to do with the rest of the day would be to sit in his room and hope the stairs returned to their place before the next day. He could live on one meal a day, and for now that's what he thought was easiest, but if he had to figure out new kinds of devices every time he had to get between his room and the kitchen, he was going to go nuts. As for the time he spent sitting in his room, it was mostly dedicated to flipping through the magic book he had borrowed from Cathryn and making small attempts at practice. He had told himself that he would stay awake until half past midnight so he would know what had happened, but around eleven or so, he was starting to change his mind. He hadn't gotten a decent night's sleep yet in this place, and that meant he was tired. He collapsed into bed at about half past eleven, deciding that the things that had happened so far hadn't been especially urgent, and whatever else was going to disappear tonight, he would find out in the morning.


Time Update: Anesus 5, 1715

Weather: At midnight, the storm really hits. Lightning, thunder, hurricane-force winds, torrential rain... all of it. It's like nature is throwing a fit and making everyone else suffer for it. Going outside is really not an option today, and the poor Lenhakriron-clan Lykos who had been locked outside the castle the night before to keep the hole-filled castle safe from them really have it bad. The head of compound is ready to let them in first thing in the morning, once the moon has officially set, but if they don't show up right when he opens the door, they'll be stuck in the storm all day. The horses, cattle, and sheep are moved to the courtyard by the night guards.

12:30 AM
It seems that, today, the test is the storm, or at least some aspect of it. The very instant the clock hits half past midnight, the first strike of lightning hits on compound ground, and the first roll of thunder rumbles in seconds after after. The little "windows" into everyone's rooms disappear, the staircases return to their proper places-- regardless of any other methods rigged to get from floor to floor; they miraculously return to wherever they were, and anyone using them at the time is transported safely to the floor which is nearest-- and only the storm remains.


Wrong Floor

Who: Alarie and Churat
Where: Second floor, then climbing down to the first floor
When: Early afternoon

Alarie was getting restless - what with the rain pouring outside. She felt cooped up, with not much to do other than track down her brother and bug him for a couple of hours. She had been trying to give him some space, not wanting to smother him too badly with her presence. Wandering along the second floor, Alarie pushed her hair behind her ears, eyes sweeping along some of the faces passing by her. She was desperate enough for company that she would probably snag anyone she recognized for a conversation. If she couldn't find anyone up here, Alarie considered heading down into the basement to see if she could find Desdemona again. She hadn't talked to the girl since they met, but she was friendly enough and surely would be up for company if she was awake.


Surprise in the Pantry

Who: Marcus and Churat
When: Anesus 4, 12:00 PM
Where: first floor, pantry

It had definitely been an eventful morning. Marcus had nearly fallen to what would have been an unpleasant death, had banged his elbow to the point that it was quite swollen, and had participated in performing a spell. Even if in the most passive of ways, he'd helped! The spell might've been completely gross, but it had worked, and he'd met a new potential friend. He'd eventually wandered back to his room, unsure what to do about the pantry duty he was supposed to have since he couldn't get downstairs. Once he'd ventured out again, he'd discovered Tayne and several people he didn't know putting the finishing touches on a rope ladder of sorts that could be used to get downstairs.

It wasn't any easy feat to climb down the rope with his elbow the way it was, though he felt fortunate that it had just about gone numb. He heaved a sigh as his feet touched the stone floor, brushed blond hair out of his eyes and headed for the kitchen and pantry area.


Food shouldn't be this difficult

WHO: Davie and Ryder
WHEN: Anesus 4, 11 am
WHERE: Where the basement staircase should be.

When Davie awake, he could only wonder at the time. At home, he had been an early riser, taking advantage of the hour or two he had usually had before too many other people were up and active. Here, it seemed, weird happenings at late hours and a tendency to stay up even later because of them seemed to be shifting his schedule. Thinking on which, he hadn't noticed anything especially strange happening last night. Maybe he wasn't one of the people affected by it. If that was really the case, so much the better.


Toll Master

Who: Svathe and Tayne
When: Anesus 4, 8:30 AM
Where: Basement base of missing staircase

Despite the stairs going the way of the ancestors, despite the fact that Svathe had found himself trapped in the grim-smelling basement on his only day off of the week, despite that the windows hadn't yet disappeared and he had been sorely tempted to pay clandestine visits to the more interesting members of the compound (though he dared not, not when Cratch was sulking and Tabrika was in thorough need of a careful watching)... despite all of this, the Lykos was feeling all but on top of the world.


A Near Miss

Who: Marcus and Jacta
When: Anesus 4, 7:00 AM
Where: 2nd floor hallway, next to the stairwell

Marcus went to bed reasonably early as a rule, so he also rose early. When he woke up on Anesus 4, the first thing he did was raise himself up onto his elbows in the still-dim light and squint at the closest wall to his bed. There still seemed to be extra windows in the walls due to missing bricks. Yawning, he climbed out of bed and wandered to the actual window, seeing that outside was very cloudy, not a trace of the sun anywhere. It was going to be a day when his eyesight was worse than usual due to the lack of natural light, but since there wasn't anything he could do about that, he decided not to let it trouble him.



Who: Rémy and Elanna
When: Anesus 4, 4:00 AM
Where: the Oratory

To say that Rémy was unhappy at this moment in time would be a gigantic understatement.

He'd gone out at about midnight, wanting to supplement his last feed with animal blood of some sort, even though he knew what the consequences for him would be. He could usually find an amenable human, but thus far that night, those he traded with or who willingly fed him were otherwise occupied, and he'd lost patience with searching the castle. Also, he'd felt like being outside for a while even though the air was cool and damp with impending rain.


It's a Long Way Up and Down

Who: Desdemona and Kai
When: Anesus 4, 12:45 AM
Where: First Floor Stairwell

When the holes remained all over the walls, Desdemona assumed that the test remained, not that another had appeared. She'd been sitting in the Main Hall with a few other of her kind, then breathed a small sigh of relief when nothing seemed to change. Having risen from her chair, she started back to her room, thinking she might change into something a bit more comfortable before heading out for the night. Her mind wandered, wondering what she might chase, or if she would just play in the darkness alone. It was a silly thing to dedicate her thoughts to, and she felt even more foolish when she tripped, thinking she should watch where she was going right before she understood the situation in full.


Renovation Reservations

Who: Jo, Paziter (And Harlan?)
When: Anesus 4, 12:30AM
Where: The Staircase



Time Update: Anesus 4, 1715

Weather: Dark clouds cover the sky, creating a rather dim dawn to start the day. By noon, it starts to drizzle, the light rain made colder by the continued winds. Rain falls harder as the sun sinks down over the horizon and a full Lenhakriron moon rises in the sky. Lightening strikes bright in the night from the mountains to the north. A storm is on it's way.

12:30 AM
With holes still littering the walls, it seems the castle is disappearing, brick by brick. As the clock strikes half past midnight, the stone steps that lead up to the second floor vanish from sight. The basement stairs are quick to follow, leaving gaping holes where the stairwells used to be. There is no easy way to move between floors, as the distance between them is too far for even a Lykos to jump in full form, let alone a Vrykola or Human. Getting to and from one's room is apparently the challenge tonight, and it's definitely going to be a challenge.


A Little Light

Who: Desdemona and Jacta
When: Anesus 3, 8:30 PM
Where: The Sitting Room

With little windows all over the castle, Desdemona wanted to spend as little time in her room as possible. As soon as the sun was down, she was gone. It felt like her privacy had been invaded and taking up in a public room gave the illusion that everything was okay. It had been practically impossible to sleep when anyone passing by had a window into her room. People she didn't know. They could just look in and... And it was better not to think about it right now. It would make her uncomfortable all over again.

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