Aug. 10th, 2007


10 Roleplay Scenes FAQ

1. What is the challenge in this community?

You and a partner write a series of RP scenes between two characters that you have chosen. Each of the scenes will exemplify one or more of the theme prompts given. When you finish all 50 (Heavyweight Challenge) or 10 (Lightweight Challenge) scenes, you can start a new challenge, either with the same two characters, or different ones.

2. What if I want to do this on my own?

Then join a fanfic challenge community. The two of you should work collaboratively, playing together to tell a story. While you can do the odd solo scene, the majority of the scenes posted must include both of you.

3. Can I have more then one partner?

You can have up to three characters involved in a single challenge. A threesome would involve three different 'muns' or players, and the majority of the scenes should include all three. I think more than that would be unwieldy as a result, but if you and three friends really want to do this together, email me.

4. How many challenges can I participate in?

Each player can be involved in up to three challenges at a time, involving different combinations of characters. You can even play the same character in all three, if you want.

5. Oh no! Someone took my favourite character in their claim. T_T Can I have him/her anyway?

Don't fret! So long as your partner plays someone different, so the pairing is different, the same character can be played by as many different people as want him/her

6. Can I do crossovers/AUs/whatever?

Yes! Any pairing of any character you wish, canon, original, crossover, etc. are allowed, and you can set the pairing in any world you can imagine. Go to town!

7. Are the scenes interrelated?

All of the RPs you write in response to a single set of themes should be related to one another. The scenes don't have to be posted in chronological order if you don't want to, but they shouldn't contain contradictory events and/or information. The scenes written by different people, however, don't have to be related in any way (though if you want to make it all part of a larger universe involving many people, feel free).

8. You said something about an introductory/index post. What's that all about?

I highly encourage each pair to post an introductory post, with an index. The post would include any information a reader might want to know about your RP world. For example, if your characters are part of an AU, or are original characters, tell us about them, so when we read your scenes, we'll enjoy them all the more! The index could be a list of themes, or just a list of the scenes you've done, so that someone coming along and wanting to read about your characters will know what order to read them in. You can make the post immediately after claiming your pairing. Such posts will also be added to the memories.

9. Do we have to write smut/romantic relationships?

Definitely not. If you get a theme that seems to imply smut, feel free to get creative (Nudity? That could be a shower, or an embarassing accident). Obviously the two characters have to be willing to interact with one another enough to complete the challenge, but there's no reason why their relationship needs to be anything more than platonic.

10. Can we do real person roleplay/j-rock band roleplay/any other kinds of roleplay involving real people?


11. Do we have to post all of our scenes to the community, or can we post them in our usual place and just link back?

I don't have a problem with doing this. All I ask is that you DO make a post in the community, with a link to where your scene is placed. Otherwise how will anyone get to read them? Also, I ask that that post have the same header information and be set up the same way as a regular post, but instead of doing an lj-cut, you can just provide a link to the scene.

11. I swear I've seen all this information word for word on livejournal...

You would be absolutely correct. [info]10_rpscenes is a sister to, and continuation of, LJ's 50_rps community. [info]trio has full permission from the community's original owner, [info]chichirinoda to make this asylum, changing it in small ways to hopefully make it more comfortable, and has further permission to take the admin posts "lock, stock, and barrel".

If you have any questions that aren't covered here, please comment below.
(Additionally, questions posed to the original community's FAQ that didn't make it into the main post will eventually be added here. Until then, you may find them here: )
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