March 15th, 2008

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Title: Back Story of the Mini-RP of Doom
Authors:[info]pegunicent and [info]tripoverhercats
Characters:Leon and Aeris
Fandom: Kingdom Hearts
Theme Set:LW4
Theme(s): Archive
Warnings and Notes: Mature themes, violence.

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Fic: Outside in the Second District (Leon/Aeris)

Title: Outside in Second District

Authors: [info]pegunicent [info]tripoverhercats

Characters: Leon and Aeris

Fandom: Kingdom Hearts (small fusion with FFVIII)

Theme Set: LW4

Theme(s): #10: Outside

Warnings and Notes: Leon is Squall from the FFVIII game. His world was consumed six months after Hollow Bastion fell. Aeris is (mostly) straight from Kingdom Hearts. This is the backstory to our Mini-RP of Doom (which is Leon/Aeris/Cloud). This scene takes place approximately six months after Leon's arrival in Traverse Town (Aeris has been here for two years already). No warnings, sorry! The poem "The Garden" (1678) is by Andrew Marvell.

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