Feb. 15th, 2011


Kimi ni Todoke (anime series)

There is a season one and a season two (just started).

Season 1 Raving Here )

Season 2 Ranting Here )

Feb. 4th, 2011


Sake (anime series)

Oh sweet heaven, another anime where I'm all a twitter. MAH JOHNG is SERIOUS BUSINESS PEOPLE. Saki is like Angelic Layer, but with TILES. It makes me think of YUGIOH, only the contestants are all girls, there's gentle if obvious yuri and thought I know nothing of MAHJOHNG (seriously I play mahjohng solitaire so the most I can do is recognize the tiles) it doesn't feel like people are pulling things out their behinds at the last moment.

I am so pouty to discover it's not a longer anime. SO, POUTY. But now I MUST get my hands on the manga. It is so adorable. ADORABLE. Little baby lesbians EVERYWHERE. Ok technically it's all girls school 'best friend' closeness. But having gone to an all girls school, I know for a fact it is a hotbed of weird not quite lesbianism but don't you dare get between a 'couple' or trouble will happen, with them and their (shipping) fans!

Sometimes I'm busy living my life, dealing with things, so that it feels like a surprise, since I'm not currently thinking of relationships, to realize 'Oh yeah. I am SO gay. SO GAY'.