Dec. 30th, 2010


Nurarihyon no Mago aka Grandson of Nurarihyon

The show is actually interesting. I'm considering picking up the manga I'd seen before but discounted because the summary didn't do it justice. But I absolutely loathe the female character crushing on the main lead. Firstly, it's all she seems to bloody well do - crush, but be unsure she's crushing or why it matters the boy looks at another girl. But MOST irritatingly, she's such a frigging victim.

It's bad enough when female characters make such glaringly bad decisions - example; surrounded by bad guys who capture a friend, and then the female character decides to stop fighting or give up her advantage for the friend's safety. Bad decision. Why trust a bad guy, especially one you claim has no morality or reason just intelligence and drive? But that's just a bad decision, and depending on how old the female character is, somewhat forgiveable.

But 'Kana-chan' is a frigging Mary Sue of Distress.

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Aug. 30th, 2009



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D. Gray Man

Lost minutes into the second episode. *sighs, rolls eyes* )

Aug. 29th, 2009


Zero No Tsukaima

I liked the plot, I loathed the whole, I guess the term is Tsundere (according to tv tropes and anime-planet)

All it took was 5 minutes into Futatsuki no Kishi, she brings out the whip and I realize I didn't enjoy the show so much the first time with all that beating on the guy - I'm sure as hell not going to enjoy a season two with her still beating on him, when he's proven in very certain terms how much he cares about her. Actually I've no idea why he cares about her, or if it's supposed to be some weird masochistic relationship on his side. But ugh.

So much ugh.

I already had problems with her treating him like a slave. But this just - so much ugh. Possibly cool story - too much ugh.


Kazi No Stigma

Starts off non spoilery, then well, I get pissed off at the FAMILY FULL OF IDIOTS )

Episode 2

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