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I don't know if anyone has noticed, but LJ's bringing basic accounts back by the end of the summer for the Northern Hemisphere.

Thoughts? Comments?


Too little too late IMO
They're bringing them back... with ads. Of some sort. They're deciding where to put the ads.

Note that they could decide to use all four options they mention; nothing makes them exclusive.

LJ Basic may become "just like Plus, only without the extra features, oh, and you don't see ads on YOUR journal when you're logged in."
Just another sign of their stupidity. Now that they've backtracked on all their previous mistakes, it's even more obvious that they could have avoided this entire mess (strikethrough, boldthrough, basic accounts) with just a little common sense and forethought. Instead ... well, they've lost my trust forever.
Though to be honest, strikethrough/boldthrough wasn't them at all; it was 6Apart. At least SUP is willing to learn from their mistakes?
Strikethrough/Boldthrough was 6A. However, the new owners:
1) Never apologized for it,
2) Never said, "oh, we won't ever do that to you" (and let's not think about how much such a promise would be worth),
3) DID and still are blocking some interest searches,
4) Removed some interests from the "most popular" page,
5) Continued to enforce the schizoid and irrational "no erotic depictions of cartoon characters" rule, until they'd figured out how to change it.

They've also declined to allow people banned under Strikethrough or the previous Nipplegate rulings to get their accounts back. So they fully support Strikethrough, even if they've decided to use different methods in the future.
I know that's technically correct, but I suspect that some of the more egregious acts of stupidity at LiveJournal were instigated by SUP, who was already involved in LiveJournal's operations in Russia with Six Apart. I believe this for two reasons:

One, it's not like that deal happened overnight; for some period, probably months but perhaps longer, they were discussing it and negotiating. You'd have to think if SUP had some concerns, Six Apart might have been working on addressing them so the deal could happen. It was an open secret that they wanted to dump LJ.

Two, and for me this is the most telling, NONE of SixApart's other blogging companies has rules like this, nor does idiotic things like this. If they tried to get bloggers to "flag" our TypePad blogs for "adult content"? The entire blogosphere would go up in flames.

We may never know, but I suspect SUP had far more to do with these things than SixApart.
I completely agree. They were most likely catoring to SUP before they actually handed it over. They had to get their money's worth SOMEHOW and if implementing stupid features was the only way, then so be it. If flagging was six aparts idea, it would definitely have made it onto Vox FIRST. It's not on Vox period.
I'm just waiting to see if the ads will be applied to the existing basic accounts that were created years ago. If that happens, I'll get another chance to say 'I told you so' to the people who haven't moved yet.
OT: Icon love! :D
I didn't make it -- if anyone does, let me know and I'll gladly credit.
All basic accts will get ads. So says the mighty Marta.
Yeah, I saw that linked here and passed it to the people still wondering.

It's going to make going to see my LJ Friends just that much more aggravating.
Oops, didn't read down far enough.

I know what you mean. I'm seriously at the point of considering how much of the hassle is actually worth it.
Ditto. I bought my three best LJ Friends permanent accounts here to try and entice them but after a week or so they stopped dual-posting here and everything is over at LJ still. It's like beating my head against a wall. :(
wow are you kidding? if someone bought me a permanent account I'd use it FOREVER XD I have an early contributor account on Inksome and I will NEVER stop using that.
No, I'm not kidding. I thought it was only fair that if I was going to bring them over here I should fix it so they wouldn't have to deal with ads. It was worth a try, I guess.

I'd not heard of Inksome, but it looks neat. Too bad you need codes to sign up.
yeah, fortunately it's open to paid users right now though :) actually the only reason it was open to the public to begin with was because the owner needed to pay for hosting without ads, otherwise it would still be in beta testing :/ fortunately everything works smoothly over there.
I actually bought two paid accounts there today after following some links in your userinfo but I haven't heard back on whether my payment was accepted yet.
oh, that's cool. well i hope it got worked out :) feel free to add me if you like over there too. my account name is "Bulma".
It's all set now. :)

I'll let you look at my userinfo and decide if you want to Friend me, just in case anything is a turn-off: http://www.inksome.com/users/haruka/profile
couldn't care less what they do now. I'm gone from their madness and happy for it.
I got the email about it. I laughed, hard.
In the announcement about 'bringing back basic accounts' they also spent even more time talking about how to put advertising on those basic accounts. So, not so basic.
I was all 'eh' about this until I read this thread.

This new ad policy will apply to ALL basic accounts, no matter how old, not just the new ones.

So, essentially, all basic accounts will become Plus accounts. Great.
Didn't a bunch of people pretty much predict this back when basic accounts got eliminated?
They did. I always assumed it would happen, I just didn't think it would happen quite this soon. :rolls eyes at own stupidity:
I don't know if I did publicly, though I remember mentioning to a friend that this is exactly what was going to happen eventually.

Needless to say, this is one of those times I wish I wasn't right.
yep, it's kinda like gas prices. jack it up really high within the course of a week, then bring it down a few pennies over a few weeks so that people will go "ooo that's so cheap!" when it really isn't. same thing with basic accounts. take them away so people will get mad, then when you bring them back shittier they will go "ooo i'm so happy!" unfortunately for them, we're not all that stupid.
I am so glad I left LJ last June for good.

Basically, if it means ads on my basic account for lack of anything, it's still a crap '├žompromise'
it's a crapromise XD